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  제  목 : The dead faith must be vanity.죽어 있는 믿음은 헛것이다! 조회수 : 1464
  작성자 : Barnabas 작성일 : 2021-02-14

(설교) 죽어 있는 믿음은 헛것이다!(9:4)

(덕정사랑교회 김양환목사님 설교 )

The dead faith must be vanity. (Ecclesiastes 9:4)

9:4 모든 산 자 중에 참예한 자가 소망이 있음은 산 개가 죽은 사자보다 나음이니라 “But for him who is joined to all the living there is hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion. (Ecclesiastes 9:4)”

May all of you say to the Lord, “May the Lord receive our spirits in heaven,” and you can be seated. 내 영혼을 천국에서 받아주시옵소서! 하고 앉으십시오. Though we may be accused as the heretics because we dance and clap our hands while we praise the Lord, who would really care? 춤을 추고 박수를 치고 찬양을 해서 이단소리를 들으면 어떻습니까? Since it is recorded in the bible to rejoice the Lord, we praise the Lord according the scriptures written in the bible. But, people still accuse us as the heretics because of the way we worship the Lord. However, let us be still thankful to the Lord. 하나님을 기쁘게 하라고 성경에 기록됬는데 성경대로 하면 다 이단이라고 하니, 여러분 감사하세요. Whatever it is, as long as we accomplish the will of God, everything will be ok. 무슨 뜻이든지 주의 뜻만 이루면 되는 것입니다.

God had created us in order to receive our praise. 주님은 우리를 찬송부르게 하기 위해서 지으셨어요 In the garden of Eden, God had created Adam and Eve and wanted to receive praise from them. But, due to their disobedience to the Lord, they ended up becoming the slaves of lucifer and handed their bodies over to satan. Ever since then, satan has been enticing us to commit crimes. Right at the moment we commit crimes, satan enters into our bodies and lords over us. 에덴 동산에서 인간을 만들어서 찬양받기를 원하셨지만 불순종함으로 루시퍼의 종이 되어버렸고, 육체를 사단에서 내어줘서 사단은 우리를 범죄하도록 미혹하고 범죄하는 순간에 우리 속에 들어와서 주인행세하는 겁니다. How can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? He must first bind the strong man and then, he will plunder his house (Matthew 12:29) 사람이 먼저 강한 자를 결박하지 안고야 어떻게 그 강한 자의 집에 들어가 그 세간을 늑탈하겠느냐 결박한 후에야 그 집을 늑탈하리라 (마태복음 12: 29)

When we praise the Lord, a great spiritual authority, power and faith will come to us. 찬양할 때 엄청남 능력과 권세가 오고 믿음이 오게 되어 있습니다. Also an assurance of faith will come to us and our hearts will be opened wide. 확신이 오고 마음이 뚫리게 되어 있습니다 Try to repent of our sins while we sing the song of repentance. 회개찬양할 때 회개해 보세요. We will shed a flood of tears and all the sins in our hearts will be washed away and our emotional hurt and wound will be healed and we will only look at Jesus. 눈물이 펑펑 쏟아지고 마음속의 모든 죄악이 씻겨지며 상처가 치유받으며 오직 주님만 보이게 되어 있습니다. As long as we praise the Lord powerfully and we sing praise and pray whenever we are lonely and sad, God will dwell with us forever. 힘차게 찬양하고 슬플때나 외로울때나 찬양과 기도로 병행해서 하게 된다면 하나님이 여러분과 영원히 함께 하실 것입니다. God will come to our heart and will not depart from us forever. 그 분은 우리 속에 오셔서 영원히 떠나지 않습니다. Until the day we go to heaven and even when we will live in heaven, He will be with us still. 우리가 천국가는 그 날까지 천국가서도 함께 하실 겁니다.

The Holy Spirit has come to us in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit also refers to the Spirit of Jesus. 성령님은 예수님의 이름으로 오셨고 예수님의 영을 말하는 것입니다. May all of us realize that the Holy Spirit is the Comforter who guards us and protects us. 그 영이 우리를 지키시고 보호하시는 보혜사인걸 깨닫기를 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다. A living dog is better than a dead lion. 그래서 산개가 죽은 사자보다 낫다. Can we ever exchange a lion with a dog? 개 한 마리하고 사자하고 바꿀 수가 있습니까? But, in Ecclesiastes 9:4, it says that a living dog is better than a dead lion. 그런데 전도서에서 솔로몬은 산개가 죽은 사자보다 낫다라고 했습니다. May all of us realize that this must be the right answer. 이것이 정답인 것을 깨닫기를 축원합니다. All the believers in Sarang church must be spiritually awake from the dead faith. 사랑교회 교인들은 죽어있는 신앙에서 다 살아나야 할 것입니다. Dead faith must be useless faith. 죽어있는 신앙은 다 쓸모 없는 것입니다. No matter how someone may be rich, healthy, capable and fluent in speech, if he has no living faith, he must be a spiritually dead person. 아무리 겉으로는 부요하고 건강하고 능력있고 권세가 있고 말을 잘한다 할찌라도 거기에 살아있는 믿음이 없으면 죽은 것입니다. When we truly believe in the words of God, we will automatically obey the words of God. 믿어지면 바로 순종하는 것을 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다. Since we do not truly believe in the words of God, we are not obeying the words of God. 안믿어지니까 순종하지 않는 겁니다. Right at the moment we really start to believe in the words of God, we can obey the words of God. 하나님의 말씀이 믿어지는 순간에 순종할 수 있어요. All our obedience will be manifested through our action. 그 순종은 행함으로 나타나는 것을 믿으시길 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다 Though we may believe in the words of God, if we neither obey the words of God nor put the words of God into practice, our faith must the dead faith. 믿고서 순종하지 않고 행동으로 옮기지 않는 것은 죽은 것입니다.

Like the apostle, Paul who had counted all things as rubbish, let us abandon every high thing that exalts itself against the bible. 모든 것을 배설물로 여겼던 사도바울처럼 여러분도 모든 지식을 폐하세요. May all of us rather use all the knowledge of this world just for Jesus. 예수님을 위해서 쓰시길 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다 We must use all our capability and power only for Jesus. 권세 능력은 주님을 위해 쓰는 겁니다. What is the capability and power? 그 권세가 뭘까요? It must be the capability and power to spread the gospel to another people. 전도하는 권세입니다 What was the reason Jesus has given us our health, money, doctoral degrees and a position as the president of one nation? 주님은 우리에게 건강, 물권을 주시고 공부 잘해서 박사, 대통령 만들어 주신 이유가 뭔지 아세요? When we have an ability, an authority and power, we can rule over another people. 권세가 있으면 남을 지배할 수 있는 겁니다. But, when people are given with authority, ability and power, they do not usually give glory to God, but they rather try to exalt themselves and will finally come to ruin after all. 그런데 권세를 갖게 되면 하나님의 영광을 드러내는 게 아니라 자기를 높이다가 멸망당하는 겁니다. Dear, beloved people at our Sarang church, one thing we must keep in our mind when Jesus gives us many people around us and money and spiritual authority is that we must use all our influence, money and power only for Jesus. 사랑교회 교인들은 주님이 인권 물권 영권 주실 때 명심할 것은 나는 주님을 위해 쓸 것이다! We must use our influence, money and power only to spread the gospel for Jesus. 주님을 위해 전도할 것이다! Once we become the owner or the president of a company, we must tell men under our charge to believe in Jesus. 내가 회사 사장이 되고 회장이 된다면 밑에 부하직원들에게 예수님 믿으라고 전파해야 겠다! When we succeed in business with such an attitude, we can spread Jesus to another people. 이런 마음을 가지고 성공해야만 주님을 전파할 수 있습니다.

Now you can easily say that you can surely do it. But, once you are successful in your jobs, satan will challenge you and he will lift you up and make you become very proud of yourself and haughty. 지금은 여러분들이 쉽게 애기할 수 있지만 성공자가 되버리면 사단이 덤빕니다. 여러분을 높인다는 사실을 알아야 할 것입니다. Right at that moment, you must humble yourself. 낮아져야 할 것입니다.

My mission is to die for Jesus while I tell people about Jesus. I must suffer martyrdom. 나의 목표는 예수님을 전파하다가 죽어야 할 순교자의 사명입니다. The very mission that I have received from Jesus is not another thing. 내가 받은 사명은 다른 게 아니예요. I am not an interpreter of the words of Jesus. 무슨 해석자가 아니에요. I have a mission to proclaim the message of repentance and to die for Jesus. 세례요한처럼 회개를 외치다가 순교할 사명입니다. It is not anything above this or bellow this. 그 이상도 그 이하도 아니에요 May the believers at our church only follow after Jesus, our Leader. 사랑교회 교인들은 지도자만 따라가면 됩니다. Our true spiritual leader is Jesus alone. 우리의 영적 지도자 영적 스승은 오직 예수밖에 없습니다. Our spiritual leader has come to us. 그 영적 스승이 우리에게 오셨습니다. Jesus has come to us through His Holy Spirit. 성령으로 오셨습니다 When we obey the words of Jesus through the inspiration and intuition of the Holy Spirit, we can receive the spiritual power of Jesus one hundred times or even more. 성령의 영감과 감동을 통하여 여러분이 순종할 때 주님의 것을 100배나 받을 수 있는 것을 믿으시길 바랍니다. Who can ever die for Jesus? 누가 주님을 위해 죽을 것입니까?

Most of the churches brag about how they could have earned lots of money, how they could have received lots of blessings from Jesus and how they could have been healed of their diseases through Jesus. But, their end will be hell. 교회마다 썩어서 맨날 돈버는 방법, 축복받는 방법 병고치는 방법, 그것만 자랑하지만 다 지옥입니다. Obtaining the spiritual authority and money excluding Jesus is all unnecessary. 예수님이 빠져버린 능력, 예수님이 빠져버린 물권 다 필요 없습니다. May all the believers of our church live only for Jesus and go to heaven. 사랑교회교인들은 오직 예수 예수 오직 예수님을 위해 살다가 천국가시길 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Our destiny is heaven. 우리의 목적은 천국이예요. We have no other destiny. 다른 것은 아무것도 없습니다. When we obey the words of Jesus in order to go to heaven, Jesus will also give us the spiritual power and good helpers and money. 천국가기 위해 순종할 때 하나님께서 여러분에게 영권 인권 물권을 주시는 것입니다. Though a lion may be a king in a jungle, once he dies, everything will be of no use. 사자가 아무리 좋아도 죽어버리면 끝나는 것입니다. Though a lion may be stately and majestic and have won a triumph over all his enemies in the jungle, once he dies, he cannot budge an inch before a living dog. 사자가 아무리 당당해도 죽으면 개한테 꼼짝을 못해요. When a dog looks at a living lion or a living tiger, he will put down his tail and will not even dare to bark. 개가 호랑이나 사자를 보면 그 앞에서 꼬리를 탁 내리고 짖지도 못합니다. It is because he will be seized with fear that he will groan with pain. 워낙 공포에 질리니까. 끙끙 앓아요. But, when a dog sees the dead lion, he will bite on him from his head to his tail. 그런데 그 사자가 죽은 것을 보게 되면 개가 짖으면서 머리부터 꼬리까지 물어버리는 것입니다. Jesus has crushed the head of satan on the cross who used to rule over people with the power of death and with the power of a lion. 그 엄청난 사자의 권세로 사망권세로 인간을 지배했던 사단, 주님께서 십자가에서 그 사단의 머리를 부셔버린 것을 깨닫기를 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다.

So, as long as we have the name of Jesus, we can rule over this world. 그래서 예수님의 이름만 가지면 세상을 지배하는 것입니다. But, since some of us like many other things more than Jesus, what will become of them? 그런데 예수님보다 좋은 것이 많으니 어찌된 겁니까? We must throw away our haughtiness, pride and knowledge that exalt itself against the knowledge of Jesus. 여러분 자만심 교만 거만 학식 이런 것을 버려야 됩니다. Who can ever know this? 이것을 누가 알겠어요? Jesus only knows this. 하나님만 아시는 것을 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다. Those who have seen Jesus must throw away their haughtiness, pride and arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Jesus and only believe in Jesus. 예수님을 본 자는 이런 것을 버리고 예수님을 믿으면 되는 것입니다.

Jesus is surely alive. 주님은 분명히 살아계십니다. In order to go to heaven, we are believing in Jesus. 천국가기 위해 예수님을 믿는 것입니다. Though we may tell others to believe in Jesus, if they still do not believe in Jesus, we can’t do anything about them. 아무리 전해도 안 믿는자는 어쩔수 없어요 However, we still have to tell our families to believe in Jesus. 가족에게 복음을 전파하세요. We must tell them to believe in Jesus and must make them become the workers of prayer. 가족에게 복음을 전파하고 돈독하게 기도의 일꾼으로 만들어야 할 것입니다. Without saving the lost souls of our own families, what are we running after? 가족이 구원받지 못하는데 뭘 좇아가지요? Let us save the souls of our own families first. 가족을 구원시키세요. But, if they do not still hear us, we can’t do anything about them. 그래도 안 들으면 어떨 수가 없습니다. The bible surely tells us. 성경은 분명히 말씀하십니다. Can’t you see Jacob and Esau? 야곱과 에서를 보지 않습니까? Jacob had heard the voice of God and obeyed His words. But, Esau had disobeyed the words of God and despised His words. 야곱은 하나님의 말씀을 듣고 순종했지만 에서는 말씀을 거역하고 무시했습니다. Those who have deserted the birthright and who have abandoned the promise of God will be forsaken by God. 장자의 명분을 팔아버린자 하나님의 약속을 저버린자는 하나님께 버림 받습니다.

We must keep the promise of God and the words of God. 하나님의 약속, 이 말씀을 지키는 자가 되어야 할 것입니다. If we just keep the words of God formally, we will only end up going to hell. 이 지키는 것이 그냥 율법적으로 지켜서야 지옥가는 것입니다. We must first receive the grace of God and the Holy Spirit and keep the words of God. Only then, we will give thanks to God and will serve God out of our own volition. 은혜, 성령을 받고 지켜야만 감사가 나오고 자원해서 하게 되어 있습니다. Most of the believers are keeping the words of God and are all serving God by legal formality. 전부 율법에 걸려 있어요 Even among our church members, there are many of us who are keeping the words of God formally and serving Jesus unwillingly. 우리 교인들도 율법에 걸린 자들이 꽤 있습니다. May all of us be freed from this. 빨리 벗어버리세요. We can’t ever do this with our own strength or effort. 여러분의 힘과 노력으로 되는 게 아니에요. We must receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of God and serve God with thankfulness. Only then, we will be under the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. 성령 충만 받고 하나님의 감동을 받고 감사함으로 할 때 이게 은혜의 법아래 있는 것입니다.

The grace of God has no limitation. 은혜라는 것은 한이 없는 겁니다. We will continuously give thanks to God. 감사가 끝이 없이 나오는 겁니다. But, within law of sin and death, there is limitation. 율법은 한계가 있습니다. After we get exhausted and tired of serving Jesus, we will complain to God and in the midst of our complaint, the curse will be flowed into us. 나중에 지치게 되면 원망불평속에 저주가 흐르는 것입니다. But, when we repent of our complaint, all the curse will depart from us. 회개할 때 모든 저주가 떠나가는 것을 주님의 이름으로 축원합니다.

The meaning of the living dog being better than the dead lion is that after we do our devotional life faithfully, if we suddenly start to look at the world and run after the world, that must have been the dead faith. 그래서 산개가 죽은 사자보다 낫다는 것은 믿음 생활 잘하다가 한 순간에 세상을 보고 좇아갈 때 그건 죽어있는 믿음입니다. Such faith like dung is not necessary before Jesus. 그런 똥같은 믿음 필요 없습니다. Jesus truly requires of us the faith like a pure gold refined in the fire. The faith like a pure gold must be the faith that obeys the words of Jesus. 주님은 진실로 정금같은 믿음을 원하시는 데 정금은 하나님의 말씀에 순종하는 것입니다. The faith like a pure gold is the faith that follows after Jesus though difficulties, persecutions, trials and tribulations may come to us. 고난이 와도 주님을 좇아가는 게 정금이에요. Following after Jesus despite the threat of death must be the true faith like a pure gold. 죽음이 와도 주님을 좇아가는 게 믿음이란 말입니다. In order to give us this faith, Jesus sometimes allows satan to tempt us and to persecute us and He disciplines us. 이 믿음을 주시기 위해서 루시퍼까지 붙혀서 훈련시키는 겁니다.

How much persecutions have we been suffering so far? 얼마나 핍박이 옵니까? When we say that there is no Savior besides Jesus and heaven and hell really exist and reveal the true character of the demons, people will accuse us as the heretics. 예수외에 구원자가 없다, 천국지옥이 있다. 귀신정체 드러내게 되면 이단이라고 하는데 그들이 어떻게 이단이라고 정죄할 수 있습니까? They must be the servants of the demons. 다 귀신의 종들이지.

The commandment of Jesus was to cast out the demons, and to exercise the spiritual authority and to heal the sick and to save the lost and the weak and to deliver those who are in the hardships and to comfort them. 주님의 명령은 귀신을 내쫓으며 권능을 행하며 병을 고치며 약한 자를 살리며, 고난 속에 있는 자를 위로해서 건져내라는데. The words of God sometimes becomes the fire and turns out to be the rod and turns out to be the blood. 하나님말씀은 불이 됐다가 방망이가 됐다가 피가 됐다가 다 합니다. The words of God turns out to be the swords, the fire, the clubs and the blood. 어떤때는 칼,,방망이,피로 역사하는 겁니다. All these things are used to save the people of God. 그 모든 것이 구원받는 백성들을 위해 쓰임받는 것입니다.

  When we go out to preach the gospel, many lost souls will be saved and will be spiritually revived. 우리가 나가서 외칠 때 많은 영혼이 살아날 것입니다. Now, many lost souls are restored to life in the world. 지금 전세계에서 많은 영혼이 살아나요. People speak to us over the telephone from abroad. Even in our nation, many pastors started to repent of their sins and they said that they will keep this gospel even by departing from their denominations. 외국에서도 전화가 오고 이 나라에서도 많은 사람들이 목사님들이 회개하기 시작했고 교단을 떠나서라도 이 복음을 갖고 가겠다고.

This gospel only proclaims these messages which say, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. There is no Savior, besides Jesus!” 이 복음은 회개하라 천국이 가까이 왔다! 예수외에 구원자가 없다! 이 복음이에요. While we try to mix another things with the gospel, we will only be ruined. 다른걸 섞다가 멸망당합니다. There is no savior, besides Jesus. 우리는 예수외에 구원자가 없어요. We must not mix another things with the bible. 다른걸 섞지 말아요. Religious pluralism and all the eschatologists are all false. 다원주의,종말론자들 다 가짭니다. The movement of new apostles, vineyard and verichips are all false. 신사도, 빈야드, 베리칩 다 가짭니다. In Acts 4:12 it says, “Nor is there salvation in any other besides Jesus, for there is no other same under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” 천하에 구원얻을만한 다른 이름을 우리에게 주신일이 없단말입니다. Departing from Jesus, where are you chasing after? 예수를 떠나서 어디를 좇아가? All these things must be the deception and seduction of the devil. 이것이 미혹인걸 깨닫길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

When a dog knows that a lion has become dead already, should the dog still tremble with fear before the dead lion? 사자가 죽은줄 알면서도 개가 두려워떨면 되겠습니까? Since the lion has already become dead, the dog can bite off the lion as much as he wishes. 사자는 죽었으니까 니맘대로 해 봐라! The power of death has already been broken to pieces. So, we must repent of our sins and obey the words of God and lay hold of lucifer and take up serpents. The serpent which we must take up must be the head of lucifer. 루시퍼 사망권세는 깨졌다, 회개하고 순종하고 루시퍼를 잡아라! 뱀을 집으며 이것이 루시퍼 머리인걸 깨닫길 축원합니다.

  The people who have faith will automatically obey the words of God. 믿음있는 자는 하나님말씀에 순종하게 되어 있습니다. Since some people have no faith, they will all chase after the world and fall to ruin. 믿음이 없으니까 세상을 좇다가 멸망당하는 겁니다. Though we have chased after the world, when God pours unto us the Spirit of repentance, we must repent of our sins right away and God will deliver us from our sins. 세상을 좇다가도 회개할 맘을 주실 때 즉시로 회개할 때 주님께서 건지시는 겁니다. But, once we fall into the legalism, while we will try to repent of our sins according to each word of God, we will end up going to hell. 근데 율법에 걸리면 꼭 그 말씀에 맞춰서 회개하려고 하다가 지옥가는 겁니다. 아니에요. The law is the words that lead us to God. 율법은 하나님께 인도하는 법이란 말입니다. The words help us to realize our sins. 죄를 깨닫게 하는 법입니다. The Holy Spirit helps us to be convicted of our sins. 죄를 깨닫게 하시는 분이 성령입니다.

So, the spiritual children must learn from the law, their tutor. 그래서 아이들은 율법, 몽학선생한테 배워야 할 것입니다 Since the spiritual children cannot receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit on their own, we have to teach them the ten commandments. 십계명을 아이들에게 가르치게 되면 아이들은 성령충만을 받지 못하기 때문에 이 말씀을 갖고 사는 것입니다.

But, once we become the spiritual adults and know how to repent of our sins and at the very moment we actually repent of our sins, the Spirit of God will come upon us and the Spirit of God will rebuke our sins. 그러나 이젠 장성한 자가 되어서 회개할 줄 알고 회개하는 순간 성령이 임하게 되면 하나님의 성령으로 내 죄를 책망하는겁니다. God will surely reprove us for our sins. 무슨 귀로 듣던지 하나님이 꾸짖는 겁니다. When we ask for forgiveness from God and repent of our sins from the deep inside of our heart, all our sins will be completely washed away from us. 그때 주여 나를 용서해 달라고 심령속에서 터지는 회개를 하게 될 때 모든 죄는 말끔하게 씻겨지는걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.이것이 은혜의 복음이에요. We must not be caught by anything or by anyone, but instead believe in Jesus and go to heaven. 우리는 어디에도 걸리지 말고 예수믿고 천국가시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

There is no salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12) 천하에 구원얻을만한 다른 이름이 없단 말입니다. Jesus is our Savior. Though we may look all around, there is no savior besides Jesus. 예수예수, 동서남북을 다 돌아봐도 예수밖에 없는걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다. When we preach on Jesus to others, we will be given with the spirit and the faith of martyrdom. 예수를 전하면 순교의 정신, 순교의 믿음이 와요. But, when we do not believe in Jesus truly, we cannot die for Jesus. 아니면 순교 못합니다. 하나님이 안믿어지니까. Jesus must be the Almighty God, the Creator of all creations and the Jehovah. 예수자 전능자,창조주,여호와인걸 믿으시길 바랍니다.

We must not have a fear of the dead lion. 죽어있는 사자 두려워 말아요. We are like the dogs. 우리는 개같은 존재입니다. But, once the lion has become dead, the dogs can bite off the dead lion. 근데 사자가 죽었으면 그걸 물어뜯어 먹으면 되는겁니다. We must kick the demons at once in the name of Jesus. 귀신들 한순간에 차버리세요. 예수의 이름으로. By whose name should we cast out the demons? 누구의 이름으로? In the name of Jesus, we must kick the demons. 예수의 이름으로~~~!! In the name of Jesus, all the authority of heaven, earth and under the earth will kneel down. 그때 하늘과 땅과 땅아래 모든 권세들이 무릎꿇게 되어 있습니다.

What are we fearing for? 뭐가 두렵단 말입니까? Why do we tremble with fear before our death?  죽음앞에 부들부들 떱니까? Those who have a fear of dying must be same with the unbelievers. 이 사람들은 하나님을 믿나 안믿나 똑같은 겁니다. Such faith will be of no use. 이런 신앙은 소용없는겁니다. So, people of such false faith indulge themselves in the pleasures of this world and when they face hardships, they come out to the church and seek for God. 그래서 때에따라 세상 나가서 즐기다가 어느날 고난당하면 그때서야 슬쩍 교회 나와서 하나님 왔습니다! We must throw away such false faith. 그런 신앙 버리십시오. People who have such a false faith will be attacked by satan someday and will go to hell and will scream hard begging for another chance to be delivered from hell. But, no one will ever save them from hell. 언젠가는 사단의 공격받고 지옥에 가서야 살려달라고 외치지만 지옥에는 건질자가 없어요.

From the moment of birth until the moment of death, people are given many chances to repent of their sins and to go to heaven.이 세상은 태어나서 죽을때까지 기회가 있습니다. 회개할 기회가 있습니다. But, at the very moment they die, they will lose the last chance to repent of their sins. 그러나 죽는순간에 회개할 기회를 잃어버리는겁니다. They will lose the way to the eternal life in heaven. 영원히 길을 잃어버린자. In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” 내가 곧 길이요 진리요 생명이니 나로 말미암지 않고는 아버지께로 올자가 없다! While we live on earth, we can call on the name of Jesus and be saved. But, in hell, though we may call on the name of Jesus, it will be of no use. 이 땅에 있을동안에는 예수이름 부를 수가 있지만 지옥에서는 불러도 필요가 없습니다. It is because we will be thrown into hell being already judged as a sinner. 이미 심판받고 떨어졌기 때문에.

Though it is hard, we have to walk on the narrow path of life to heaven. 그래서 이땅에서 힘들어도 이 길을 가야 되요. We have to even walk through the valley of Achor. 아골골짝 어디에든 가야 되는겁니다. To those who have no fear of death, boldness and courage will come to them. May all of us shackle lucifer in the name of Jesus. 죽음을 두려워하지 않는자, 이 자에게 강하고 담대함이 오는걸 깨닫고 여러분 루시퍼를 결박하시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

But, those who do not pray must not shackle the devil in the name of Jesus. 근데 기도하지 않는 자는 루시퍼를 결박하면 안됩니다. They will get into trouble. 큰일 납니다. Not anyone can bind the devil with shackle. 루시퍼 아무나 결박하는거 아니에요. If we cannot lay hold of a mere demon, how can we ever bind lucifer? 귀신도 잡지 못하면서 갑자기 루시퍼를 잡습니까? We must first bind the soldiers of the devil. 그 병사들부터 결박해야 되는 겁니다. Then, how can we ever bind the evil spirits? 그게 뭔데요? In Mark 9:43, it says, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” 기도외에 다른것으로는 이런유가 나갈 수가 없다.

When we pray and are filled with the Holy Spirit and believe in the words of God and proclaim the words of God, the words of God will become the sword of the Holy Spirit. 기도하고 성령충만받고 말씀이 믿어졌을 때 하나님말씀을 외칠 때 하나님말씀이 검이 되는 겁니다. In Hebrews 4:12, the words of God must be sword of the Holy Spirit. In Hebrews 4:12, it says, the words of God is sharper than any two edged sword. 4:12절에서도 하나님말씀은 날선검이라 이거에요. That means this sword of the words of God has two sharp blades on the edge. 양쪽에 날이 섰다 이거에요. The sword of fire, the long sword and the sharp sword must refer to all the words of God. 화염검 장검 모든 이한검 하나님말씀이 검이에요. As we command, the different swords of the words of God will appear and will stab at the evil spirits. 명령하는대로 나타나는겁니다. So, the evil spirits will tremble with fear before the swords of the words of God. 그 검앞에 부들부들 떠는겁니다. The swords of the Holy Spirit must be the words of God. 이 검이 하나님말씀입니다. To those who believe in these words, the words of God will become either the fire, the sword or the clubs. 이 말씀을 믿는자에게 이 말씀이 불,,방망이,검이 될 수 있어요. In Jeremiah 23:29, it says, “Is not My word like a fire? says the LORD, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?” 13:29절 말씀에 내 말이 불같지 않느냐? 방망이 같지 않느냐? Jesus is telling us to hold onto His words and use those words. Since He has given us the authority of His words, He is telling us to use them. 니가 잡아쓰라! 말의 권세를 네게 주었으니 쓰라 쓰라 써! Jesus gives us His spiritual blessings boundlessly. 주님은 원없이 우리에게 주시는걸 깨닫기를 축원합니다.

When a war breaks out, a supply of food will eventually run out. 전쟁이 났어도 보급(실탄,식량)이 끊어지는 것입니다. So, a supply route must be continuously protected. 그래서 보급로를 항상 보호하는겁니다. Likewise, though we are all blocked in all directions, all the spiritual supplies will pour down from heaven. 우리는 이 지구상이 다 막혀도 하늘로부터 쏟아지는 겁니다. All the spiritual weapons pouring down from heaven must be the Holy Spirit. 하늘로부터 쏟아지는 그 무기를 성령이에요. We can cast out the demons by the power of the Holy Spirit and when we pray by the power of the Holy Spirit, the door in heaven will be opened. 성령을 힘입어 귀신을 쫓는 것이며, 성령을 힘입어 기도하면 하늘문이 열리게 되어 있는 것입니다. What are we afraid of? 무엇이 두렵단 말입니까? At the moment we have a fear of something or someone, we will enter into the harms from the second death. So, we must have no fear of anything. 두려워하는 순간에 둘째사망에 들어가는걸 알고 이 세상을 두려워하지 말아요. Let us risk our life and go to the place where Jesus leads us to go. 목숨을 내놓고 가는곳까지 가자! Until the moment we die, we must keep our faith and go to heaven. 우리는 죽는순간까지 믿음지키면 천국인걸 믿으시길 바랍니다.

When the students in the seminary preach, they must not preach theoretically. 신학생들 설교할 때 지식적인 것 하지 말아요. There is no Savior besides Jesus. 예수외에 구원자가 없다. Jesus is the Creator of all creations. All they have to preach is Jesus. 예수가 창조주다 이것만 받아버리면 되는겁니다. Though the twelve disciples of Jesus were very uneducated, they all followed Jesus and ended up all dying for Jesus. 12제자들이 무식해서 그렇게 갔습니까? Among the twelve disciples of Jesus, Judas Iscariot was the most educated person who had received formal schooling. But, his knowledge rather blindfolded him not to see Jesus as his Messiah. 거기서 똑똑했던 정상적으로 배웠던 가룟유다는 그 지식으로 예수가 안보인 것입니다. Though Judas Iscariot had sold Jesus, the rest of the disciples repented their betrayal later on and turned around and risked their lives to spread the gospel of Jesus. 예수를 팔아버렸지만 나머지 제자들은 회개하고 돌이켜 나중엔 목숨을 걸었던걸 믿으시길 축원합니다.

It is not by knowledge, might nor by power but by Spirit (Zechariah 4:6). 어떤 지식, 능력이 아니에요. Having faith in Jesus is the most important thing. 예수를 믿는 믿음이 최고인걸 깨닫길 바랍니다. When we believe that those things we say will be done, we will have whatever we say(Mark 11:23). 믿는 자는 잡으면 그대로 된다 이거에요. Where is faith? 믿음이 어디있단 말입니까? Jesus has been dropped out of most of the pastors’ sermons. The false doctrine of Calvin is prevailing all over the world. What are you doing under the foolish pastors who teach that you have already been saved on earth? 예수가 빠져버리고 칼빈교리가 난무하고 이땅에서 이미 구원받았다고 가르치는 어리석은 자들, 그런자들 밑에서 뭐한단 말입니까?

Dear, beloveds. There is no savior besides Jesus. 여러분 예수외에 구원자가 없어요. Whether we may live or die, Jesus is the only God. 누가 죽여도 예수, 살아도 예수란 말입니다. Jesus is reigning all over the world. 예수가 전세계를 지배하고 있는데 뭐냐 이거에요. Those who believe in the name of Jesus will also reign over the world. 그 이름을 믿는 자가 세상을 지배하는 겁니다. Since people cannot believe in His name, they are all slaves of another people. 그 이름을 믿지 못하니까 다 사람의 종이 되는 것입니다.

When Jesus had come to this world, how much was He afflicted by His own people? 주님이 이땅에 오셔서 자기 백성에게 얼마나 고통당했어요? Who had denounced Jesus to the Roman authorities? 로마병정에게, 로마에 고발한 자들이 누굽니까? His own people had falsely reported Jesus to the Roman authorities. 자기 백성이에요. His own people did not receive Him. 자기 백성이 영접치 아니하였더라. In John 1:12, it says, “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” 그러나 영접하는 자 곧 그 이름을 믿는 자들에게는 하나님의 자녀가 되는 권세를 주셨으니. Whoever believes in Jesus will become the sons and the daughters of Jesus. 예수를 믿으면 하나님의 아들 딸이 되는걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Whose children are you now? 여러분은 지금 누구 자식이죠? Have you become the real children of God? 진짜 하나님의 자식이 됐습니까? But, why do we still hate others and are jealous of others? 그런데 왜 미워하고 시기하고 질투하죠? Why are we easily offended by a small thing? 꼬부라지고. 그것 버리세요. Without throwing away all our crooked dispositions, how can we ever go to heaven later? 그것 버리지 못하고 무슨 천국간다는거죠? 

Unless we throw away our quick temper, what good is for us to study theology? 그것 버리지 못하고 무슨 신학한다는거죠? We are easily offended by a small thing. 조금만 하면 파닥파닥한데. From now on, we must learn not to be easily angry at a small matter. 지금부터 배워서 끊어야 됩니다. If we become a pastor with such a quick temper, we will end up becoming a brood of a serpent and a hireling. 그런 상태로 주의 종 되면 독사의 자식되어 버리고 삯군되는 것입니다. Are we trying to become a pastor in order to earn our wages? 돈벌기위해서? Becoming a pastor means dying for the lost souls. 여러분 주의 종이 된다는 것은 영혼을 위해 죽어야 됩니다.

When Jesus sent out His disciples, He said, “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves (Matthew 10: 16).” 주님이 제자들을 보내면서 양을 이리가운데 보냄과 같도다! Can we ever compete with the wolves? 여러분이 그 이리를 당할 수 있습니까? We can only compete with wolves through obedience and love of God. 그건 순종,사랑밖에 없는 겁니다. Love of God will enable us to forgive even our enemies though they may threaten to kill us. 사랑은 나를 죽인다 할찌라도 그를 용서할 수 있습니다. But, from the seminary, what are you learning? 근데 신학교에서부터 여러분 뭐하죠? You have fallen into hatred, jealousy and controversy. 미워하고 시기하고 질투하고 분쟁속에 빠져서. Such people must leave our church. 여러분 떠나란 말입니다. We never need such evil people at our church. 그런 사람은 필요없습니다.

Why do you study theology? 신학 왜 합니까? Do you study theology in order to suck on the blood of the souls and to scrape up money out of their pockets so that you can become rich? 영혼들 피짜먹기 위해서 돈긁어 모으기 위해서 부자되기 위해서 신학합니까? No, you must not do that. 아니에요. We must have love. 사랑이 있어야 되요. It must be an Agape love. 사랑이에요. The fruit of learning the theology must be love. 신학의 결정체가 사랑입니다. In theology, is there faith and love? 그 속에 믿음, 사랑이 어디 있어요? If there were love in theology, would the pastors ever demand money from the poor and snatch money from them and force their church members to sell their houses to offer the profits to the church ? 사랑이 있으면 가난한자 강요해서 돈 뺏어 먹을 수 있습니까? 돈내라고 집팔아라도 할 수 있습니까? Since the pastors have no love, they demand money from their congregations in order to build their church big. 사랑이 없기 때문에 교회나 크게 지을려고. They are all hirelings. 다 가짜들이에요.

In order to make our faith grow, we ourselves must be removed, but instead we must only manifest Jesus through us. 우리는 믿음이 성장할 수 있도록 내 자신은 없어지고 예수만 나와야 되는걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다. So, though our bodies will be cut off with a ripsaw and we will be beheaded and our skins will be peeled off, we must only hold onto Jesus. 그래서 몸을 톱으로 켜도 예수, 목을 잘라도, 껍질을 벗겨도 예수 예수! Jesus Himself is the words of God. 예수가 하나님말씀입니다. He is the Word who has become the flesh. If we had eaten Jesus, whether we may die or live, we will only proclaim the name of Jesus. 말씀이 육신이 되어 오신 예수, 그 예수를 먹었더라면 죽어도 예수 살아도 예수가 나오지 않겠습니까?  But, Jesus is completely out of sight and what are we preaching about? 근데 예수는 온데간데 없고 지금 무엇을 전하고 있단 말입니까?

Dear, beloveds. The words of righteousness must be the bible. 여러분 의의말씀은 성경이에요. Those who obey the words will become the righteous people. 이 성경말씀대로 순종하는 자가 의로운 자가 되는겁니다. Can anyone become the righteous? 아무나 의인이 됩니까? Only those who are obedient to the words of God must be the righteous. 순종하는자입니다. Whoever commits sins will become the servant of sins who belongs to the devil. On his forehead, the number 666 will be inscribed and he will end up going to hell. But, when he repents of his sins, the number 666 will be taken off from him and he will become the man of the Holy Spirit and will go to heaven. 죄를 지으면 죄의 종 마귀것이 되는 것이고 666이 찍혀서 지옥가는 것이고, 회개할 때 666이 벗겨지고 성령의 사람이 되어서 천국가게 되어 있습니다.

If you do not want to be martyred, leave our church at once and go to another church, 죽기싫으면 빨리 다른교회로 떠나란 말입니다. Dear, beloveds, please repent of your sins and go to heaven. 여러분 회개만 하고 천국만 가세요. Do you know what must be the brave death? 장렬한 죽음이 뭔지 아세요? We christians must have faith in Jesus and die for Jesus. 우리 기독교인들은 믿음을 가지고 주님을 위해 죽는거에요.

People who are alive will automatically act and move. 살아있는 자는 움직이게 되어 있어요. The dead lion can’t ever move. 죽은 사자는 움직일 수가 없습니다. Flies will come and will eat into the eyes of the dead lion and even maggots will eat into the flesh of the dead lion. But, the dead lion cannot move an inch. 날파리가 와서 눈에 들어가 파먹고 구더기가 파먹고 해도 꼼짝못하는 것입니다. We must have a faith that is alive. 살아있는 믿음을 가져야 할 것입니다. Faith without works must be the dead faith.행함이 없는 믿음은 죽었다고 말씀하십니다.

Where is the works of faith coming from? 그 행함이 어디서 나와요? It comes out of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 성령충만에서 나오는 것입니다. If we do not receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, everything will be in vain. 성령충만받지 못하면 다 헛거에요. Are we praying? 기도한다고? Prayer will not do anything good, if we do not receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 아니에요. If we do not receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit during the hours of prayer, due to the unnecessary thoughts that occur to us, we will pray, using vain repetition and we will not achieve our purpose.기도할 때 성령충만받지 못하면 잡생각 때문에 아무것도 이룰수 없어요. We will always be idle and lazy. 맨날 게으르고 나태합니다. We will not ever be changed as a new creature before Jesus. 변하지 않아요. We must be changed and become a new creature before Jesus. 변하여 새사람이 되어야 하는 것입니다.

Good news has come to us. 새소식이 들어왔어요. Jesus is a life. 예수는 생명이에요. A person who is dying can be restored to life right at the moment he receives faith. 죽어서 허물허물하던 사람이 믿음을 갖는 순간에 살아나야 되는겁니다. We must not be afraid of anything, but instead we must stand up and just go. 두려워하지 말고 일어나서 가야되는 것입니다.

The paralytic had been risen from his bed through the faith of his friends. However, the words of Jesus came upon him telling him to rise up from his bed. 중풍병자는 자기 친구들 믿음으로 일어났지만 중풍병자에게 임한 것은 말씀이었어요. Jesus said to him, “Arise and take up your bed and go to your house!” 일어나 침상을 들고 가라! At that moment, he heard Jesus’ command and stood up and went to his way. 그때 그 명령을 듣고 아멘하고 일어난걸 믿으시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Have we read and heard the words of God in the bible?말씀을 읽고 들었나요? Only those who will be instantly inspired by the words of God and who will immediately move according to the words of God must have a faith that is alive. 그 즉시로 감동받아 움직이는 자가 믿음이 살아있는걸 깨닫길 바랍니다.

The one who is alive is better than the one who is dead. 산자가 죽은자보다 낫다 이거에요. Are we having a very good faith? 아무리 좋은 믿음갖고 있다고요? If we have no faith on our inside, that must be a false faith. 내면적인 믿음이 없으면 헛것이에요. How artificially and formally do we pretend to worship God? 겉모습은 얼마나 잘합니까? How much those legalists serve the Lord in many ways and pray a lot? 율법적인자 얼마나 봉사 많이 하고 기도 많이 하죠? They give offerings to the church very well. 얼마나 헌금 잘합니까? But, their hearts are seized with darkness and fear. 근데 마음은 어둠에 잡혀버렸어요. But, that is not right. 아니에요. A light has come to us. 빛이 왔어요. When a light comes to us, our hearts will be filled with joy. 빛이 왔으면 마음이 기쁜겁니다. Can a fear abide in the midst of light? 두려움이 어디있어요? 빛가운데. Since we abide in the darkness, we are fearful and frightened. 어둠속에 있으니 두렵지요.

Hell is the darkness itself. 지옥은 어둠자체에요. Do you know how great is the darkness and the fear itself in hell? 어둠자체 그 두려움이 얼마나 크지 아세요? It is even hard to breathe. 숨을 못쉴정도에요. Because of the fear of the darkness, it is even hard to breathe. 막 두려움의 공포 때문에. If we never want to go to hell, we must possess a faith that is alive. 이곳에 안갈려면 살아있는 믿음을 소유하시길 바랍니다.

In Jeremiah 23:22, it says, “But if they had stood in My counsel, and had caused My people to hear My words, then they would have turned them from their evil way and from the evil of their doings.” 23:22 그들이 만일 나의 회의에 참예하였더면 내 백성에게 내 말을 들려서 그들로 악한 길과 악한 행위에서 돌이키게 하였으리라.

We have gathered up as a holy assembly of God. 여러분 지금 모인 것 다 회중입니다. Among this holy assembly of God, there is no pastor who points out the sins of their congregations. 이 회중 중에 죄를 지적하는 주의 종이 없다는 겁니다. How can the pastors who get drunk, smoke and fall into lewdness point out the sins of their congregations? 다 술먹고 담배피우고 음란속에 빠져버린 주의 종들이 어떻게 죄를 지적할 수 있어요? How can the pastors who scrape money out of the pockets of their congregations rebuke the sins of their congregations? 돈이나 긁어모으려는 주의 종들이 어떻게 책망할 수 있습니까? They are all fake pastors. 다 가짭니다. The true servants of God cry aloud to their congregations to depart from their evil ways. 주의 종은 악한길에서 떠나라고 돌이키라고 회개를 외쳐야만이 그게 주의 종입니다.

Malachi, the prophet had worked as the servant of God and after that, four hundred years of the spiritual darkness had come in Israel. After four hundred years, John the Baptist were sent from God. 말라기선지자가 종으로 쓰임받다가 끝나버리고 400년동안 영적암흑기가 오고 400년후에 세례요한을 보냈어요. But, the very message that he delivered was not something else. 그런데 그가 전한건 다른게 아니에요. He only said, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand! 회개하라 천국이 가까이왔느니라! I must decrease but, He must increase.” 나는 망해야 되겠고 내 뒤에 오시는 분은 흥해야 되겠다! Pastors must thoroughly perish and they must only magnify the name of Jesus. 주의 종은 철저히 망해서 예수이름을 드러내야 되는걸 깨닫길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

But, how could most of the pastors place their names at the head and place the name of Jesus at the bottom? 그런데 어떻게 주의 종들이 자기 이름을 예수님앞에 대놓고 내세운단 말입니까? How can their own spiritual authority and power go before Jesus? 어떻게 능력과 권세가 예수앞에 나온단 말입니까? In the name of Jesus, there are everything we need. 예수이름안에 다 있는 것을 믿으시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Most people do not want to conceal themselves, but they rather want to make a boast of themselves to others. 자기를 감추지 않고 자기를 드러내길 원해요. We must never boast of our pastors, saying, “Our pastor is the best. Our church is the best!” If we boast of them, we will be cursed by God. 목사님이 최고야, 우리교회 최고야! 교회자랑, 목사자랑하지 말아요. 저주 받습니다. After we listen to the words of God, the only thing we must go out to cry aloud proudly is the name of Jesus. 우리가 말씀듣고 나가서 자랑할 것은 외칠 것은 예수이름밖에 없는 겁니다. Why are you still bragging of your pastor and your church? 우리 목사님 어쩌고, 우리 교회 어쩌구 무슨 소리 하냐 말이에요.

Such churches that make a boast of their pastors will be pulled down. 그런 교회는 하나님께서 헐어버리라! Did the Israelites regard the temple in Jesusalem beautifully which had been built for forty six years? 46년동안 지은 저 예루살렘성전 너희가 아름답게 여기느냐? 아니라! But, in the temple in Jerusalem, there was no God. 거기는 예수가 하나님이 없어! There were only thieves crowded who had stolen the money from people. 거기는 돈뺏어먹는 도둑놈들 이리만 바글바글해! Jesus said to destroy the temple and to stand in with Him. 그걸 헐어버리고 예수한테 붙어라고 명령한걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다. We must destroy all the things that we are boastful of. 다 헐러버려요. Unless we take part with Jesus, we will be all ruined. 예수한테 붙지 못하면 다 멸망당합니다.

Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches!” 나는 포도나무요 너희는 가지니! We are the people who have been redeemed by God. But, have we been cut off from the true vine, Jesus? 우리는 구원받은 백성인데 포도나무에서 떨어졌습니까? The true vine represents Jesus. 포도나무는 예수님을 상징하는겁니다. Jesus Himself is the tree sap. The tree sap is water. 예수님은 수액인데 그 수액은 본래 물인데, The tree sap of Jesus is His own blood. 예수님의 수액은 피에요. His blood is the words of God and the life of God. 피가 하나님말씀 생명입니다. Do the branches which must feed on the life of God feed on the muddy water? 생명을 먹고 살아야할 포도나무 가지가 다른 흙탕물을 먹고 있습니까? Do they feed on the rotten water? 썩은 물을 먹고 삽니까? Then, their fruits will be also contaminated and deteriorated, too. 그 열매가 자체가 변질되고 오염되는 것입니다. The branches must feed on the clean water, only then their fruits will be clean also. 깨끗한 물을 먹어야 열매가 깨끗한 겁니다. If you drink the dirty water, you will get sick. 여러분도 더러운물 먹어 보세요. 몸이 병들어 버리는 겁니다.

We must feed on the water of life which must be the true words of God. Only then, we can repent of our sins. Right at that time, the Holy Spirit will come to us and will fix us and will lead us. The Holy Spirit is God Himself. 우리는 생명수 하나님말씀을 먹고 살아야 되고, 이때 회개할 때 성령으로 우리에게 오셔서 우리는 다듬어가시고 이끌어가시는 분이 하나님이십니다.

Since the pastors cannot rebuke their church members to come out of the sinful places, all the church members are morally ruined. 주의 종이 악한곳에서 나오라고 책망치 못하니 다 타락해요. Churches are indulging in the sexual sins and in drinking alcohol. 교회가 음란속에 빠지고 술도가니에 빠지고 있어요. Since the pastors teach their churches that they have already been saved in this world, believers fall into drinking alcohol and smoking cigarets and indulging in sexual sins. 목사들이 이땅에서 구원받았다고 가르치기에 다 술 담배 음란에 빠져버리고 하나님의 영광 가려버리고.

Why is that? 왜 이럴까요? Since we do not receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, such greed is entering into us. 성령충만 받지 못하니 이런 욕심이 들어오는 겁니다. While we live in this world, demons cause us to put liquors, sex and all the lustful things into our bodies. 이 땅에 사는 동안에 귀신이 술과 음란과 정욕적인 것을 다 집어넣습니다. Demons are making us put those liquors, sex and lust into our bodies. 귀신이 다 집어 넣는 겁니다. Dear, brothers and sisters, may all of us throw away all our greed and sins and live only for Jesus. 사랑교인들은 다 버려버리고 예수위해 살기를 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Jesus is life. 예수는 생명이에요. When we enter into Jesus, we will live. All the carnality and flesh must be a dirty thing. 그 안에 들어가면 살지만 육신의 것은 더러운 겁니다. Once we die, all our flesh will be rotten. Even a dead lion will return to the dust. Even all the dead bodies will return to the dust. But, what are we still seeking after? 죽으면 썩어버릴 것, 죽은 사자도 흙으로 돌아가고 죽은 육체도 흙으로 돌아갈건데 무엇을 찾냐 말입니다.

Can our spiritual eyes be opened naturally? 영적인 눈이 그냥 떠집니까? When we pray, our eyes will be opened to understand the words in the bible. 기도할 때 말씀의 눈이 뜨지고 말씀이 열리는 겁니다.

What if we go to hell while we take our pleasures on earth? 이 땅에 이렇게 살다가 지옥가면 어떡하지? 저 무시무시한 지옥. People do not believe in the existence of hell. 지옥을 믿지 않아요. They say that once they die, they will see whether the hell really exists or not. 죽어봐야 알겠지, But, the hell exists for real. 아니요 진짜 있어요. Hell really exists. 진짜 있다고요. Can we ever see hell through our dreams?무슨 꿈으로 지금 이걸 봅니까? We must pray to death and receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit and sometimes we are attacked by the evil spirits that we will have a splitting stomachache. Our breath will be even stopped. Right at that time, we must cast out the evil spirits in the name of Jesus and heaven and hell will be opened to us. 죽어라고 기도하고 성령충만받고, 귀신의 공격에 창자가 끊어질 정도고, 숨어 멎어버리고 예수이름으로 쫓아가면서 지옥천국 열어 보는 겁니다. Do you think we have seen false heaven and hell? 가짜 천국지옥인줄 아세요? Not at all. 아니에요. Satan makes a false heaven and hell and mix it as if they are real. 사단은 지금 가짜 천국지옥 만들어 놓고 얼마나 혼합시킵니까? 아니에요. 진짜에요. Unless we have seen the real heaven and hell, why should we ever risk our life for this? 진짜 아니면 제가 왜 여기다 목숨걸겠습니까? I used to seek for God supposing that there must be God somewhere out there. But, they were all false. 전에는 어딘가 하나님있겠지 하고 찾았지만 다 가짜였어요. Our dead ancestors were not our God. 우리 죽은조상이 신이 아니었습니다. They are all fake. 다 가짜였어요. They are all in hell. 다 지옥에 있습니다. Even Buddha is in hell so are our families who have been dead. 석가모니도, 우리 가족들도 다 지옥에 있습니다.

Whoever does not believe in Jesus will go to hell. 예수믿지 않는 자는 무조건 지옥입니다. This is the standard of God’s judgment. 이것이 심판의 기준이에요. Depends on whether we have believed in Jesus or not and repented of our sins or not, we can go to either heaven or hell. 이땅에 있을 동안에 예수믿고 회개를 했느냐 안했느냐?

No matter how brutal and wicked sins someone might have committed in the past, as long as he keeps faith in Jesus and repents all of his sins before his death, he will be cleansed from his sins all at once and he will become the child of God. 어떤 흉악한 죄악을 지었더라도 믿음을 지키고 죽음앞에 회개한 자는 그 수많은 죄가 한순간에 씻겨지고 하나님의 자녀가 되는걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다. Why would not pastors teach such an easy gospel to others? 이 쉬운 복음을 왜 안가르치냐 이거에요.

All the sheep that the shepherd had not taken care of will be stolen by the wolves and will be devoured by them. 목자가 관리하지 못하는 양들은 나중에 이리떼가 다 훔쳐먹습니다. Do the pastors want their churches to be multiplied? 교회부흥되기를 원합니까? No. 아니에요. Before you increase the numbers of your church members, you must first have the faith of your spiritual ancestors. Only then, you can teach the right gospel to your church. 교회부흥되기 전에 먼저 여러분들이 선진들의 믿음을 가졌을 때 가르칠수가 있는 겁니다.

Dear, Beloveds. Come to your sense! 여러분 정신차려요. How hard it is to go to heaven now! 천국가기가 얼마나 어려운 시대입니까? But, most believers do not believe that it is hard to go to heaven. 믿지를 않아요. They just ambiguously think that they will go to heaven since they all believe in Jesus. 그냥 막연히 갑니다. There are believers who believe in demons. 귀신은 어찌 그리 잘믿는지 몰라요? There are believers who believe in the words of mediums. 무당말은 얼마나 잘믿는지 몰라요. There are many believers who despise the words of their pastors more than despising the words of mediums. 목사말을 무당보다 업신여기는 자들이 얼마나 많아요?

Why is that?그게 왜 그럴까요? It is because their pastors neither rebuke the sins of their church members nor lead them to the right path.목사들이 죄를 책망하지 않는겁니다. 죄를 지적해서 올바른길로 인도하지 않는겁니다.

Right now, the same thing is happening to our homes. 지금 가정도 마찬가지입니다. We are all selfish, not knowing how to take others into consideration. But, we are only loving ourselves. 배려할줄 모르고 자신만 사랑하려고 하는 이런 이기주의. We, christians are greatly held responsible for this. 기독교인들의 책임이 얼마나 큰지 아세요? Let us pull ourselves together and teach ourselves aright, so that we will listen to the reprimands of our pastors and teach our children aright. 정신차리고 똑바로 가르쳐서 교회에서는 목사말에 책망받고 집에서는 자녀들 잘 가르쳐야 합니다.

Is it right for us to hit our children when we rebuke them for their sins? 무조건 책망으로 때리는게 상수입니까? No, we must help them realize their own sins. 아니에요. 깨닫게 해야 됩니다. We must help them realize their sins through the words of God, only then God will punish them according to His words. 말씀으로 깨닫게 해야 그래야 나중에 징계가 오는 것이지, Should we hit our children because they do not listen to our words? 맨날 집에 가면 말 안듣는다고 때립니까? We must discipline ourselves first. 여러분부터 다듬으세요. We must discipline ourselves first and then we can train up our children. 나부터 다듬고 자식을 훈련시키시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다. When we fall into a corruption, how can we ever discipline our own children? 내가 더러움 속에 빠져서 무슨 자식을 훈련시킵니까? Don’t we ever know that our children will rather laugh at us? 자식이 비웃는걸 모릅니까? Though we are indulging in sins, are we still boasting ourselves to believe in Jesus? 우리가 죄악 중에 살면서 예수 믿는다고, Even the devil will laugh at us hard, saying, “Ok. Though you believe in Jesus. you will end up being thrown into hell after all.” 루시퍼가 비웃습니다. 니들 백날 믿어봐라! 결국 나한테 떨어질 것이다!

We must please Jesus above all. 우리는 주님을 기쁘시게 해야 됩니다. We must take heed of the words of a rebuke fallen down from the church platform. 단에서 떨어지는 책망의 소리 잘 들어요. That must be a blessing. 그게 축복이에요. When we turn from our sins and fix our wrongdoing, that must be a blessing. 바꿔주면 축복이에요. If we do not fix our wrongdoing, we will rather gnash our teeth against our pastors and will rather backstab at our pastors. 아니면 이를 갈고 뒤통수 치게 되어 있습니다. When the pastors pierce our evilness and our evil nature with the words of God, we must rather say, “Amen,” and fix our sinful natures. But, we do not seem to fix our sinful nature. 여러분 속성 잘못된 것 하나님말씀을 통해서 찔러주면 아멘하고 고쳐야 할텐데 고치지 않아요. That is why we end up opposing against the words of God and disobey and end up perishing. 그러니까 하나님말씀을 대적하고 거역하고 멸망당하는 겁니다. Say always, “Yes,” to the words of God and never say, “No,” to the words of God. 무조건 예만 있고 아니오가 없어야 할 것입니다. We do not have to listen to the words of the pastors when we talk to the pastors privately. 목사가 사적인 얘기를 할때는 듣지 마세요. But, when the pastors preach the words of God pointing out our sins, we must say, “Amen,” to the words of God and reflect on ourselves whether there are things that we must repent and turn from our sins according to the words of God and we must rather give thanks to God for making us realize our hidden sins. 그러나 하나님말씀을 전파할때는 아멘하고 나한테 그런게 있었나 하지말고, 주여 깨닫게 해주셔서 감사합니다! And we must repent of our sins and cut off our sins. 회개하고 잘라내세요.

What will enable us to cut ourselves off from our own sins?그 죄를 잘라내는게 뭔지 아세요? It is the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 성령충만이에요. Accusers and legalists can fix their misdeeds by their own efforts. 율법주의자들은 그 행위는 끊을 수가 있어요. But, their hearts are continuously committing sins. 그러나 마음은 계속 범죄하는 것입니다. But, once they also receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, all the sins from their hearts will be disappeared and their misbehavior will depart from them. 그러나 은혜의 성령받고 성령충만받게 되면 마음속에 죄가 사라지면서 육신의 것도 자동적으로 떠나는걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Please, answer for my question now. 여러분 한번 대답해 보세요. Does our heart sin first or our body sin first? 마음이 먼저 죄를 짓습니까? 육신이 짓습니까? Our heart sins first. 마음이 먼저 범죄하는거에요. We see something with our eyes and we commit sins through our thoughts and we move into action. 눈으로 보고 생각으로 범죄하고 나중에 행동으로 옮기는 겁니다. Legalists commit sins through their hearts, but they act righteously. 율법주의자들은 마음은 범죄하면서 행위로는 지켜요. So, they are blameless by law. 그래서 율법으로는 흠잡을데가 없는겁니다. People like Pharisees believe in God very well outwardly. 바리새인같은 자들. 하나님 잘 믿습니다. 겉모습은. But, they hate others and envy others and are very covetous and are wicked inside. 근데 마음은 미워하고 시기하고 질투하고 욕심부리고 악한 것이 다 있어요. That is why they tried to find a fault from Jesus when Jesus had rebuked them as the white washed tomb. 그래서 주님이 회칠한 무덤이라고 그들을 책망할 때 그들이 예수님을 책잡으려고 했던 겁니다. And they ended up killing Jesus on the cross. 그들이 죽였던 것입니다.

Those who do not want to listen to a rebuke must depart from our church at once. 책망받기 싫은 자들은 빨리 떠나면 될 것입니다. Those who would gladly listen to a rebuke and try to change themselves into the new people and who are willing to die for Jesus are only needed at our church. 책망을 달게 받고 변하여 새사람이 되고 예수를 위해 죽으려는 자들만 필요한 것입니다. God never wants to have many people at His church. 하나님은 사람많은걸 원치 않아요. God wants to have only those who have the name of Jehovah inside them in His church. 여호와의 이름이 있는 자를 원하는 것입니다.

King Saul had a numerous army. But, he was trembling with fear before Goliath. 사울왕은 많은 군대를 가졌지만 골리앗앞에서 부들부들 떨었습니다. However, David only one person fought against Goliath in the name of Jehovah. 다윗 한 사람은 여호와의 이름 가지고 싸웠단 말입니다. Does our church fight against the devil with many numbers of people? 사랑교회는 사람많은 것 가지고 싸웁니까? No! 아니오. We must fight against the devil in the name of Jesus. 예수의 이름으로 싸워야 됩니다. In the name of Jesus! 예수의 이름으로~~~~!! In the name of Jesus! 예수의 이름이에요 Jesus. Everyday we must cry aloud the name of Jesus. 예수, 날마다 예수에요. Jesus Himself is life. 예수는 생명이에요. He said, “I am the way and the truth and life.” 내가 곧 길이요 진리요 생명이라! Jesus is the only way that leads us to heaven. 천국가는 길이에요. When we believe in Jesus and follow Him, we can go to heaven. 내가 예수님을 믿고 따라와야 천국간다! Faith is to walk with Jesus. 믿음은 함께 있는거에요 Faith is to follow Jesus. 따라가는 거에요. Unless we believe in Him, how can we ever follow Him? 믿지 않는데 따라갑니까? While we follow people in this world, we will end up perishing along with them. 세상사람 좇다가 멸망당합니다.

Dear, beloveds. For what reason, do we believe in Jesus? 여러분 무엇 때문에 예수믿어요? We believe in Jesus to go to heaven 천국이에요 It is not anything more or less than that. 그 이상도 그 이하도 없는 것입니다. Let us cut off another things with a sharp edged sword and only look at Jesus. 다른 걸 그냥 날선검으로 잘라버리고 예수만 보이시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

In Matthew 17:8, what does it say? It says that Peter, James and John saw no one, but Jesus only. 178절에 뭐라고 그랬어요? Moses and Elijah had been gone but only Jesus appeared. 모세도 엘리야도 간곳없고 예수만 보이더라! Though we explain this scriptures to another people, we ourselves do not only look at Jesus. 그 말씀은 남에게 얘기하면서 자기는 예수가 안보여요. Are we still trying to chase after some miraculous signs and wonders or some spiritual power? 어떤 것, 능력 권능 이것 잡을려고. Moses was a prophet who had renown for laws and Elijah was a prophet who had renown for the spiritual power. 모세는 율법이고 엘리야는 능력입니다. We must abandon both of them. Through the laws and the spiritual gift, we must only look at Jesus. But, all of us are all caught in the laws and the spiritual gifts. 이걸 다 폐지하고 율법 은사능력을 통하여 주님을 봐야할텐데다 거기에 걸려요. Are we still keeping the Jewish laws as hard as we can? 율법만 죽어라고 지킵니까?

The new testament period is the time when anyone can repent of his sins and can be forgiven of his sins. 누구든지 죄를 짓고 회개하고 올라오는 순간에 다 용서받는 시대가 신약인 것입니다. This must be called as the grace of God. 이걸 은혜라고 말합니다. It is to receive blessings without paying a price and to be healed of our diseases without paying a price. 값없이 은혜받고 값없이 치료받는 것, But, right now, every church demands money after they prophesy of the future of their church members and after they heal the sickness of people and after they cast out demons from people. 그런데 지금 교회마다 예언하고 돈받아 먹고, 병고치고 귀신쫓아내고 돈내라고 그러고. In Matthew 10:8, it says, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” 10:8절에 너희는 거저 받았으니 거저 주라! When we first believed in Jesus, did we have to pay money in order to believe in Jesus? 예수믿을 때 돈내고 믿었습니까? When we received the spiritual gifts and power, did we have to pay a price? 은사 능력받을 때 돈내고 받았습니까? All things that belong to Jesus must be freely given to people. 하나님것은 무조건 무료인걸 깨닫길 축원합니다.

Though we confess with our mouths that we believe in the Almighty God who had created heaven and earth, who is truly believing in the Almighty God? 입으로는 전능하사 천지를 만드신 하나님아버지를 믿는다고 하지만 전능하신 하나님을 누가 믿는단 말입니까? We are all depending on the people. 사람을 의지하는 것이지.

Dear, beloved. All the grace of Jesus is given to people freely. 여러분 주님의 은혜는 무료입니다. We must freely eat and freely enjoy the things in the church. If the church is the place where people have to pay money for eating and drinking, people will start to worry about how much they have to pay during the offering time. 무료로 먹고 뛰놀고 그래야지 이 장소가 와서 돈내는 장소가 되면 와가지고 헌금시간만 되면 아이고 돈 얼마내지! 그런단 말입니다. That is wrong. 아니에요. We can only be saved through the price of the blood of Jesus. 예수의 핏값으로 구원받는걸 축원합니다. May all of us believe that Jesus has prepared everything for us. 주님이 준비하시는걸 깨닫길 축원합니다.

God is the Jehovah of the heavenly hosts. 하나님은 만군의 여호와란 말입니다. When God commands, there will be something made. 그 분이 명령하면 그냥 생겨요. When God says, “Let there be light,” there will be light. 빛이 있으라 하시면 빛이 생기는 겁니다. But, what are we chasing after? 그런데 뭘 좇아가요? In the apostle’s creed, it says, “I believe in God almighty,” Is there any pastor who does not know this? 전지전능하신 하나님아버지를 내가 믿사오며, 이것 모르는 목사들 있습니까? There will be no pastor who does not know the apostle’s creed. 모르는 목사있으면 나와보란 말입니다. But, those who do not know the meaning of this sentence and utter this sentence must be hirelings. 그런데 그 뜻을 모르고 외우는 자가 삯군입니다. God knows everything and He can do anything. 하나님은 뭐든지 아시고 뭐든지 할 수 있는 분이에요. So, He even raises the dead and calls the things that are not as the things that are. 그래서 하나님은 죽은자를 살리시며 없는 것을 있는 것같이 부르시는 분이시라는데 뭘 믿냐 이거에요.

Those who have Jesus in them will be filled with joy in their hearts. 여러분 예수가 있는 자는 내 속에 감사로 기쁨으로 가득 차 버려요. Since there is no thankfulness and the assurance of salvation, their faces appear to be demon. 감사가 없으니까 구원의 확신이 없으니까 맨날 얼굴이 귀신얼굴이에요. Their faces are so dark and gloomy having the horns of the demons on both sides of their heads. 시커매가지고. 양쪽에 도깨비 뿔 달고 다닙니다. They always grimace their faces and they always complain, saying, “Why is the weather so cloudy?” 항상 이마에 내()자 쓰고 항상 다니면서 오늘 날씨가 왜 이렇게 흐려~ 그러고 다닙니다. The weather might not have been so cloudy as they say. 뭘 흐려요 Into our heart, a light has shone. 내 심령속에 빛이 왔는데. May all of us throw away fleshly and carnal things of this world. 이제부터는 육신의 것을 벗어버리길 축원합니다. When we take off a veil of the law out of our faces, we can finally see Jesus. 율법의 겉옷 율법의 수건을 벗어야만이 예수가 보이는길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다. After Paul had seen Jesus through vision, he abandoned everything and followed Jesus. 사도바울이 예수가 보이고 그때부터 모든걸 버린걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

We are all confined under the laws. 다 율법아래 갇혔어요. We are all foolish. 어리석은 자들입니다. Paul was flawless concerning the law of Moses. 바울이 율법으로 흠이 없는 자에요. But, he sought to kill the believers. 근데 예수믿는자 죽이러 다녔어요. All the students in the seminary must keep this in mind! 신학생들 명심하십시오. While you try to be legalistic, you will end up accusing others and ruining yourselves. 율법적으로 가다가 남을 정죄하다가 멸망당합니다. When you see another people committing sins, you must carry their sins upon yourselves and must pray for them. 다른 사람이 죄를 짓는걸 보면 그 죄를 내가 대신 짊어지고 기도해 줄 수 있는 자가 되어야 합니다. As Jesus had carried our sins upon Himself and carried the cross, we must carry the sins of others upon ourselves and pray to God begging forgiveness of their sins. 주님이 우리 죄를 지시고 십자가를 지신것처럼 남의 죄를 대신 지고 용서해달라고 기도하는 자 이런 자가 필요한 것이지, Those who judge and condemn others by law do not reflect on themselves. 율법적으로 남을 판단하고 정죄하고, 율법자는 자기를 돌아보지 않아요. They are shut up in darkness and are judgmental toward the faithful believers who are abiding in light. 자기는 어둠속에 갇혀서 맨날 빛가운데 있는 사람만 본단 말입니다.

The village on the mountain top cannot be hidden. 산에 있는 동네가 감출 수가 없어요. If a light has been lit up on a lamp on a hill, all the people will see it. 산에 불을 켜놨어요. 다 봅니다. Dear, beloved. Let us not look at another people, but instead let us look at ourselves through the bible. 사랑교인들은 남을 바라보지 말고 성경을 통해 자기 자신을 바라보는 자들이 되시길 바랍니다.

If Jesus had come to me, that means a light came to me. 예수가 나한테 왔다면 빛이 왔단 말입니다. Light is a life. 빛은 생명이에요. Our heart will be brightened. 내 맘이 밝아진 겁니다. We will be able to see our hidden sins. 내 죄가 보이는 겁니다. But, though we say that we believe in Jesus, we do not look at our sins, but we only point out the sins of another people. 그런데 어떻게 예수를 믿는다면서 내 죄를 보지 못하고 남의 죄만 지적해요. Without looking at ourselves, why do we prophesy of the future of another people? 예언도 왜 자신을 못보고 남을 예언하죠? That must be the trick of the devil. 이게 귀신의 장난이에요.

We do not need to repent of our sins legally. 너희의 율법적인 회개 필요없다. We neither need to tear our clothes nor throw ashes on our heads nor pretend to repent of our sins. But, we must rather tear our hearts and turn to the Lord. 옷을 찢지 말고 율법적인 행위처럼 티끌이나 뿌리고 형식적으로 회개하지 말고 마음을 찢고 여호와께로 돌아오라! When we truthfully repent of our sins, there will be an entrance made for us to go into Jesus. 회개할 때 예수님이 들어갈 통로가 생기는걸 축원합니다. When we contritely repent of our sins, our sins will be remitted. 회개할 때 나의 죄가 없어지는걸 주의 이름으로 축원합니다. That is why I keep telling people to repent of their sins. 그래서 회개 회개 회개를 외치라는 겁니다. But, since the repentance has been omitted in most of churches, where can the believers ever receive a life from Jesus? 그런데 회개가 빠졌으니 생명을 어디가서 얻겠어요?

Dear, beloved. Please, wake up. 여러분 정신차려요. Pastors must wash themselves first on the church platform. 주의 종은 단에서 자기부터 씻어야 되요. In the old testament, the priests had washed themselves with water first and entered into the tabernacle. 구약에도 제사장이 먼저 물에 씻고 들어갔어요. We must wash ourselves first. 자기도 씻어야 됩니다. But, we do not wash ourselves. But, we only tell another people to wash themselves clean from their sins. 근데 자기는 씻지 못해요. 맨날 남만 씻어라는 겁니다. All the pastors must seek for Jesus first and must teach themselves first and must trim themselves first and must cut themselves off from their own sins first and after that, they must teach their congregations to be cut off from their sins. 주의 종들은 주님을 찾고 명심해서 배워서 자기부터 다듬고 자기부터 죄악을 끊고 성도들에게 가르쳐야 할 것입니다.

We have to throw away all things and run the race of our faith by holding tight onto Jesus and rebuke the sins of the congregations boldly and urge them to turn from their sins. 모든걸 버려버리고 예수잡고 달려가고 성도들의 죄성을 악한 것 돌이키라고 과감하게 책망해야 됩니다. We have to pray for them till the end and must deliver them from hell. 그들 끝까지 기도하고 건져야 합니다.

We must pray for our family. 가족을 위해 기도하십시오. Dear, beloved. What are you doing right now by abandoning your family? 사랑교인들 가족을 버려버리고 지금 뭐한단 말입니까? Go to your family and tell them about the gospel. Does not your husband nor your wife believe in Jesus? 가족 가서 전도하고 남편이나 아내가 안믿습니까? Eat out with your family and buy some food for your family. 밖에 나가서 음식도 사주고 하세요. That is how you can show your love to your husband in order to win him over to Jesus. 그게 남편을 전도하기 위한 사랑입니다. The head of our church is Jesus. 우리의 머리, 회중의 머리는 예수에요. From there, all the other parts of bodies are made. 거기서 모든 지체가 나오는 겁니다. So, all the church members including elders, pastors and deacons must put all their strength together and must preach the kingdom of God and must take Communion together. 그래서 평신도 장로 목사 권사 집사 다 힘을 합하여 하나님나라를 전파하라고 성찬에 참예하는 자에게 말하는 겁니다.

Some people take Communion and shed tears. 어떤 사람은 성찬에 참예하고 막 웁니다. But, after they take Communion, they must change themselves. 먹고 변해야지요. However, after they take Communion, they will easily turn sulky at the words of another people. 먹고 또 팩 톨아집니다. Such people must not take Communion. 그런 자는 성찬에 참여하지 말아요. It is of no use for them to take Communion. 필요없는 겁니다. Those who participate in Communion must believe that Jesus will walk with them until He returns to earth. They will also be given a duty to obey the words of Jesus and to tell others to believe in Jesus. 성찬에 참예한 자는 주님 오실때까지 함께 하는걸 믿고 말씀에 순종하고 그리고 주님을 전파할 의무가 주어졌습니다. Through the ceremony of Communion, we will be required to be united with Jesus and to obey the words of Jesus. 그 의식을 통해서 주님과 연합하고 주님말씀에 순종하라는거에요. If we misinterpret even one scripture in the bible, we will come to ruin. 성경 한구절 잘못 풀어버리면 망하는겁니다.

All the people at our church must run only looking at the front. 이제 사랑교인들은 앞만 보고 뛰세요. Look at Jesus only. 주님만 보고 가세요. The only spiritual Bridegroom we have is Jesus alone. 우리 영적신랑은 예수밖에 없는걸 깨달길 바랍니다. There is no other God besides Jehovah. 다른 신은 없나니 나 여호와 외에는 신이 없다! Jesus Himself is Jehovah. 예수가 그 분인걸 깨닫기를 축원합니다. Besides Jesus, there is no other Savior. 예수외에는 구원자가 없단 말입니다. While the married couple live together, they sometimes argue over a matter with each other. Though they once loved each other to death and said to each other, “I cannot live without you,” after they give birth to their children, they sometimes fight against each other. Wives sometimes complain to their husbands about their small salaries. But, the husbands and wives must keep their chastity toward one another till the end. 살다가 싫고 언제는 목숨을 내놓고 당신없이 못살아 그러다가 애기 낳고 어쩌고 저쩌고 하다가 왜 이렇게 돈도 적어! 부부싸움 일으키고. 여러분 순수한 믿음은 끝까지 지키는거에요.

When the married couple hold their wedding ceremony, they say to each other that they will love each other till their hairs turn white, 결혼할때는 말들을 잘하죠. 검은 머리 파뿌리가 될 때까지 뭐 개뿔 무슨 팥뿌리에요. We must collect our minds. 우리는 정신차려요. Faith is one. 믿음은 하나에요. Jesus is our Savior and our Bridegroom. If we have held onto Jesus, we must follow Him till the end. But, we sometimes fall into the idol worshipping and liquors and sexual immoralities. 예수는 나의 구세주,신랑이고, 그분을 잡았으면 끝까지 좇아가야지 왜 가다가 우상숭배에 빠지고 왜 술 담배 음란속에 빠지냐 말이에요.

When the believers indulge in sins, they will be punished by God. But, they do not think to repent of their sins. 그러다가 징계받고 회개치도 않고 회개가 없어요 회개가. Since they think that they have already been saved by Jesus, they do not repent of their sins. 이미 이땅에서 구원받았다는데 누가 회개합니까? Pastors preach to their congregations that even the sins they will commit in the future have already been forgiven by God. 과거 현재 미래의 죄까지 용서받았데. How can there be such thieves? 이런 도둑놈들이 어디있어요? Those pastors who falsely preach to their congregations that they have already been saved must be the hirelings and the wolves who are wearing sheep’s clothing. 영혼을 착취하는 삯군들이지. 이리떼들. Jesus had charged them with His sheep to teach them about Jesus and to call for repentance from them and to bring them to heaven. That is why Jesus asked Peter whether he truly loved Jesus or not and told him to feed His sheep. 하나님의 양떼를 맡겨서 예수를 잘 가르쳐 회개시켜 천국으로 데리고 오라고 베드로한테 니가 나를 사랑하느냐? 나를 사랑하면 내 양을 치라고 했는데, However, are the pastors taking good care of their sheep? 지금 양들을 칩니까? They rather devour their sheep alive. 양을 잡아 먹어요.

The students in the seminary who will devour their sheep must quit studying in the seminary. 양을 잡아먹을 신학생은 아예 때려치우세요. If you have a tendency to devour sheep, you must quit studying in the seminary. 나한테 그런 소지가 있다. If you will not quit devouring the sheep of Jesus, you must stop studying in the seminary. 안끊으려면 빨리 때려치우세요. You will be cursed. 저주 받습니다. Do not ever send another people to hell. 다른 사람까지 지옥보내지 말고.

Please, wake up. 정신차려요. This is the matter to live or to die. 이건 죽느냐 사느냐에요. Can anybody carry the cross and climb up the Calvary?골고다 십자가길 아무나 갑니까? If we want to carry the cross, we have to give our lives. 목숨을 내놔야 가는겁니다.

Jesus will do the new things. 주님은 새일을 이루세요. The old is past and we have become a new creature in Jesus. 이전 것은 지나갔으니 보라 새것이 되었도다! When this painful moment will be passed, the new era of restoration will come to us. 이제 이 고통의 시간이 지나가면 새로운 시대가 열린다! Whoever believes in Jesus and repents of his sins will be saved. 예수믿고 회개하면 누구나 구원받는 새로운 시대 신시대가 열린다! The new era has come for anybody who believes in Jesus and who turns away from his sins to go to heaven. 누구든지 천국가는 시대가 열린다!

Please, die for Jesus. 죽어라! 우리도 죽어야 되요. Let us die for Jesus! Let us say to one another firmly, “Die for Jesus.” 죽자! 단호하게 얘기하세요. For whom should we die for? 누구를 위하여? We must die for Jesus. That was the right answer. 예수를 위하여. 정답인걸 깨닫길 축원합니다. Those who die for Jesus will go to heaven. 이 자는 천국입니다. Whoever repents of his sins will go to heaven. 회개하면 가는 나라 천국이란 말입니다.

Please, cut yourself off from your sins. 여러분 죄를 빨리 빨리 끊어버려요. Our sins must be continuously cut off. 죄라는건 계속 잘라야 되요. Our sins are continuously growing inside us. 죄는 계속 자라는겁니다. That must be the very nature of our sins. 그게 죄의 습성이에요. Does our sins stop growing just because we have repented of our sins once? 한번 회개했다고 가만히 있나요? No. 아닙니다. Since our sins are continuously growing inside us, Jesus keeps telling us to repent of our sins since He had shed His blood for the remissions of our sins. 계속 자라기 때문에 주님께서 피를 흘려서 그때마다 회개하라, He keeps telling us when we repent of our sins, He will cleanse our sins and erase our sins like an eraser. 그러면 값없이 다 씻어줄 것이다! 지워줄 것이다! 지우개처럼. But, how could some pastors lie that once people repent of their sins, all their sins they will even commit in the future are remitted all at once? 그런데 한번 회개했으면 죄가 다 없어졌다니 이런 거짓말쟁이들이 어디있단 말입니까? As long as we repent of our sins every time we commit sins, Jesus will wash our sins with His blood again and again even until seventy times seven. 값없이 회개만 하면 주님이 다 주의 피로 씻고 씻고 일흔번에 일곱 번도 씻으시는걸 믿으시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Where does our courage and boldness come from? 강하고 담대함이 어디서 와요? Those whose sins have been forgiven by God can act on braveness and courage. 죄사함받은 자가 강하고 담대한 것입니다. Those who have committed sins cannot speak aloud. 죄진자는 큰소리 못칩니다. They are always oppressed with guilt. 항상 눌려있어요. But, those who are blameless can act boldly with a clear conscience. 근데 죄없는 자는 떳떳합니다. Those who have committed sins cannot even have an eye contact with another people. 얼굴을 보고. 죄지면 눈도 못맞춰요.

Jesus has forgiven all of our sins. 예수님이 우리의 모든 죄를 사해 놓으셨어요. Do you know what the true freedom is? 자유가 뭔지 아세요? Whenever we commit sins, we must repent of our sins. Then we will be forgiven of our sins and we will be born again. We will become a new creature in Jesus. 죄를 지었으면 그때마다 회개하게 되면 우리는 죄사함받고 다시 거듭난 생활, 다시 태어나는 것입니다. 우리는 새로운 피조물입니다. So, when the pastors point out our sins, we must rather be thankful and must cut ourselves off from our sins. But, some of us become sulky whenever their sins are pointed out by their pastors. Why are they still remaining at our church? 그래서 여러분들이 죄가 지적될 때 오히려 감사함으로 끊어야지 오히려 꿍해가지고 그런 사람은 여기 왜 있습니까? When I look at such people, I can’t understand them at all. 그런 사람들 보면 나는 이해가 안가요. If they will not throw away their sins, why are they still trying to stay at our church? 버리지 않으면서 여기 왜 있어요?

While they keep holding onto their sins, will they not backstab at our pastors and depart from our church after all? 그러다가 언젠가 뒤통수 팍 치고 나갈려고? Please, do not ever do such a thing. 그런짓 하지 마세요. They will end up being cursed by God. 저주 받습니다. They will get into a great trouble. 큰일납니다. If they had departed from our church, they must rather repent of their sins, knowing that they had been deceived by satan.나갔으면 그냥 회개복음들었으면 내가 사단에게 속아서 떨어진걸 알고 어디가든지 회개하는 삶을 살고 천국가야 할텐데, But, whoever has left our church being deceived by satan will not remain silent, but he will rather slander his pastors. Then, what profit would he ever make from doing that? 사단에게 한번 몰려간 자가 입이 얼마나 방정맞은지 별의별 것을 다 모함을 하고, 그게 무슨 유익이 있단 말입니까?

We are the body of Christ. 우리는 그리스도의 몸입니다. Christ is the head of our church. 그리스도는 우리지체의 머리입니다. That means we must be united with one another. 서로 연합하라는 뜻입니다. Though all the parts of our bodies are healthy, if one of our eyes are taken off, what will become of us? 여러분 온몸이 건강한데 눈이 빠져버리면 어떻게 됩니까? Likewise, when we get together one by one, we can form the whole body of Jesus 그래서 우리 모두가 하나 하나 모여서 예수님 지체가 되는겁니다. We must unite with one another and go to heaven. 우리는 꼭 연합하여 천국가시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

In Matthew 25:21, Jesus said to His faithful servant, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” 25:21 그 주인이 이르되 잘 하였도다 착하고 충성된 종아 네가 작은 일에 충성하였으매 내가 많은 것으로 네게 맡기리니 네 주인의 즐거움에 참예할찌어다 하고.

Without risking our life, how can we ever be faithful to carry out our jobs? 목숨을 걸지 않고 충성할 수 있습니까? When a war breaks out, armies will recruit the soldiers who would risk their lives to protect their own nation. 군대에서 전쟁이 나게되면 국가를 위해 목숨을 바칠자가 필요합니다. When the soldiers go to the battlefield, risking their lives to protect their families, a cease fire line will be blocked by them ever safely. 내가 도망가게 되면 내 가족들이 죽는다! 이렇게 생각하고 목숨을 걸고 전쟁터에 나가야만이 휴전선이 막아지는겁니다. But, though a war has broke out, if the south Korean soldiers are weak, they will not be able to match against the north korean soldiers who can run 80kms in few hours. 근데 전쟁이 터졌는데 우리는 약해, 북한군은 이백리를 몇시간 안에 간다는데 우리는 게임이 안돼! If all the troops are pulled out of the front line, all the front line will be broken into. Not only they will die, but all their parents and families will all die along with them. 그러고 다 나와버리면 전선이 무너져버리고 결국 자기만 죽습니까? 부모도 죽고 다 죽는것이지.

For those who fought for their nations until death, they will surely receive rewards from their nation. 여러분 국가를 위해 충성한 자는 상급이 있어요. But, for those who are faithful until death for the kingdom of God, Jesus will give them crowns. 근데 하나님나라를 위해 충성한 자에게는 주님이 면류관을 주시는겁니다. They will receive a gold crown, a crown of boast, a crown of life and a crown of righteousness. There are so many crowns. 아름다운 면류관, 정금 면류관, 자랑의 면류관, 생명의 면류관, 지혜의 면류관, 의의면류관, 얼마나 많은지 몰라요. Those who work for Jesus, expecting to receive those crowns must be the faithful servants. 그 면류관을 바라보고 일하는자, 그것을 받는 자가 충성된 자에요.

They work for the church silently. 그들은 말없이 일합니다. Those who are very talkative in the church cannot ever work faithfully for the church. 말많은 자 치고 충성된 자가 없어요. They will destroy the church. 교회를 해쳐버립니다. Problems are usually caused from chattering people in the church. 말많은 자에게서 결국 문제가 거기서 터집니다. satan will usually make bad use of their words. 사단이 그 말을 써버립니다. So, please be careful. 여러분 조심하세요. Especially, students in the seminary must remain silent. 특별히 신학생들은 입을 딱 다물어요.

When there are many rumors going around the nation, the nation will fall into a danger. 말이 많으면 나라가 위험해 지는겁니다. Those who show their faith by silent obedience and by submission must be the faithful people. 조용히 순종하고 행위로써 믿음을 보이는자 이 자가 충성된 자입니다.

In Acts 1:17, it says, “For he was numbered with us and obtained a part in this ministry.” 1:17 이 사람이 본래 우리 수 가운데 참예하여 이 직무의 한 부분을 맡았던 자라.

After Judas Iscariot had obtained a part in the ministry of Jesus, what did he do? 가룟유다가 직분을 맡아가지고 어떻게 했어요? He sold Jesus by thirty pieces of silver. 예수를 팔아먹었어요. May all the people at our church must keep this in mind. 사랑교인들은 명심해요. Don’t ever think to sell Jesus. 예수를 팔 생각 말아요. How can we ever sell Jesus and kill Jesus now? 그 예수를 죽이는게 뭘까요? We can sell Jesus and kill Him again by instigating another people to commit sins and by making them being thrown into hell. 죄짓게 해서 지옥에 떨어지게 하는 겁니다. We are still making another people commit sins. 지금도 죄를 짓게 해요. We hurt another people’s feeling. 마음을 힘들게 한단 말입니다.

Once we receive grace from Jesus, we will voluntarily serve our church with many things though no one will ever force us to do anything for our church. 은혜받으면 하지 말라고 해도 다 한단 말입니다. Our cheerful voluntary works will become our rewards. 그게 하늘의 상급되는 겁니다. But, if we give our offerings to our church grudgingly, our offerings will rather glorify the devil. 하라 하라, 억지로 하는 것 다 귀신이 받아요. We will end up falling into poverty. 그게 가난속에 집어넣는 겁니다.

May all of us become the faithful workers of Jesus. 충성된 자가 되세요. The faithful workers of Jesus are the ones who obey the words of Jesus until death. 그건 예수님말씀에 죽도록 충성하는 자를 말하는 겁니다. But, those who are faithful to the law will obey the law blindly. 근데 율법에 충성된 자는 맹종이 되는 겁니다. Following the law blindly is to obey the law unwillingly since we are threatened to die. 율법은 하기 싫은데 죽여버리니까 억지로 하는거에요. It is like giving offerings to the church grudgingly even by borrowing money from someone. 하기 싫은데 헌금도 빚얻어서 하는거에요.

The grace of God is given to us freely. 은혜는 값없이 와서 먹으라. In Isaiah 55:1, it says, “Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters and you who have no money, come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.” Does not this scripture written in Isaiah 55:1 say like this to us? 55:1절에 나오지 않습니까? That is how we can receive the spiritual blessings from Jesus and gratefully offer our money and talents given from Jesus to the church. 그래서 은혜가 되고 하나님께서 준비하신 것이 있으면 감사함으로 하는거지. Is the church a place of charity where people donate their money? 교회가 무슨 돈내는 기관입니까? When we were under the law, we had to bring money to the church. But, when we are in Jesus now, we can come to the church for free. 율법아래서는 뭔가 들고가야 되지만 예수안에서는 값없이 오라는 겁니다. We can come to the church without bringing anything. 어떻게? 값없이.

When people realize the thankfulness of the grace of God, they will cheerfully and voluntarily give offerings to the church. 은혜를 알게 되면 다 해요. We must truly repent of our sins! 진실로 회개하라! Only to those who repent of their sins, the blessings of God will be opened toward them, 그 자에게 나중에 하나님의 축복이 열리는 것이지 To those who grudgingly give offerings to the church and to those who forcibly and formally serve the church, there will be no blessings poured unto them. 율법적으로 하는 자는 평생 축복이 없습니다. What is the fruits of the legalism? 율법의 열매가 뭔지 아세요? Though they may have given many offerings to the church and have served the church with many things, they will be diseased and will complain to God about their illness and will go to hell. 죽어라고 헌금하고, 봉사하고, 나중에 병들어서 원망불평하다가 지옥가는 겁니다.

Please, be faithful to death. 여러분 충성하세요. To whom should we be faithful to death? 누구한테? 누구한테? If we are only faithful to death for our pastors, we will end up going to hell. 목사한테 충성하면 지옥가는거에요. The only One whom we should be faithful to is Jesus alone. 우리의 충성할 대상은 예수님 입니다. Even the pastors must be faithful to Jesus and the people of God must be all faithful to Jesus, only then they will all go to heaven. 목사도 예수께 충성하고 하나님의 백성들도 예수께 충성해야 천국간단 말입니다. Do we have two leaders at our church? 지도자가 둘입니까? At our church, there is Jesus and there is our pastor. 그런데 교회에 예수님이 계시고 또 목사가 있어요. In order for us to go to heaven, let us be faithful to Jesus until death. 하나님나라에 갈려면 예수께 충성하시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Judah Iscariot had not been faithful to death and he ended up hanging himself on the tree. How terribly he had been cursed to death? 가룟유다는 끝까지 충성하지 못하고 목매달아 죽었지만, 얼마나 저주가 심합니까? Since the curse of God had come upon the rope where he had hung himself, the rope was cut off and his intestines came out. 그 끈에 저주가 임하니까 그 끈이 툭 터지면서 배창자가 흘러나왔습니다. Judah Iscariot was excluded from the disciples and Matthias took his office instead. 이 자는 제함받고 맛디아가 제비뽑아 그 직무를 대신한 것입니다. People in our church must never betray Jesus. 사랑교인들은 주님 배신하지 말아요. Though we had turned our back on Jesus, as long as we hold tight onto prayer on our death bed, Jesus will help us to repent of our sins. 배신했더라도 죽을 때 기도줄 놓치지 않으면 주님이 회개시킵니다. Right at that time when Jesus helps us to repent of our sins, let us repent of our sins and meet one another in heaven. 그때 회개하고 꼭 천국에서 만나시길 바랍니다.

In 1 Corinthian 9:23, it says, “Now this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I may be partaker of it with you.” 고전 9:23 내가 복음을 위하여 모든 것을 행함은 복음에 참예하고자 함이라.

Those who live for the gospel partake with the gospel. 복음을 위해 사는 자들은 복음에 참예한다는 겁니다. The very beginning of the gospel is Christ Jesus. 이 복음의 시작이 예수그리스도입니다. The old testament time period has come to an end. The beginning of the gospel is the almighty God having been born to the world as a mere human being. 구약시대는 끝나고 전능자가 하찮은 인간의 몸으로 오신 것이 복음의 시작입니다. He had come to the world and He had said to people to believe in Him and to turn from their sins so that they could have been forgiven of their sins and could go to heaven with Him. 오셔서 이젠 나 예수를 믿고 회개하고 그리하면 죄사함받고 천국간다! Until the time period of the book of Malachi, people had brought the blood of the animals to receive the remission of their sins. But, Jesus is now telling us that He does not require us to bring the blood of the animals any longer. He does not want us to spend money to receive the remissions of our sins. 말라기때까지는 짐승의 피를 갖고 나갔지만 이젠 그거 다 필요없다, 다 돈들어가지 않느냐? He does not require the poor people to bring even a dove as an atonement offering for the remission of their sins. 비둘기새끼도 필요없다 He is telling the poor people to come to Him without paying any price. 가난한 자들이여, 이젠 다 내게로 오라!

So, the gospel had been begun to preach to the poor and the sick. 그래서 복음의 시작이 왔는데 이 복음이 누구한테 전파된다고 그랬어요? 병들고 가난한자에게 복음이 전파되리라! Is the gospel accepted to the rich? 지금 부자들에게 복음이 전파됩니까? No, I don’t think so. 안들어가요. However, when the rich people become poor and sick, they will accept the gospel. 단 그들이 병들고 가난속에 들어갈 때 복음이 들어가는 겁니다. 병들고 가난한 자는 어떻게 되요? When the rich and proud people become poor and suffer from a fatal disease and lose all they have, will they be still proud of themselves? 교만했던 자들이 죽을병걸리고 다 잃어버리면 그때도 교만한가요? Though somebody may give a loaf of bread to them, they will be really grateful and they will even bow their heads to him. 누가 빵이라도 하나 갖다주면 고맙습니다! 그때 고개를 숙입니다. So, when the sick and poor people humble themselves, they will be more likely to accept the gospel. 그래서 병들고 가난한 자가 자기를 낮췄을 때 그때 복음이 들어간다는 것입니다.

Is the gospel accepted to anybody? 복음이 아무에게나 들어갑니까? I do not think so. Please, pull yourself together. 정신차려요. But, among the poor and the sick, there are some people who would humbly receive the sheet of the paper that contains the gospel and turn from their sins. 그러나 가난하고 병든자들은 전도지를 받고 깨닫고 돌이키는 자들이 있습니다. However, not all of the poor and sick would accept the gospel. 다는 아니에요. Since the gospel is usually accepted among the poor and the sick, when we preach the gospel to them, they will more likely to come out and will join with the gospel. 그러나 병들고 가난한자에게 복음이 전파되기 때문에 여러분들이 기쁜 소식을 전할 때 그들도 나와서 복음에 합하게 되는 겁니다.

Whatever we may do, we must do it for the glory of Jesus. However, what is the glory of Jesus? 무엇을 하든지 주님의 영광을 위해서 해야 할텐데 주님의 영광이 뭘까요? Those who believe in Jesus and who repent of their sins and who are restored to life will give glory to Jesus. 회개하고 예수믿고 살아난 자를 말하는 겁니다. Only those who win in the spiritual battle will give glory to Jesus. 승리한 자가 하나님께 영광을 돌린단 뜻이에요. Sinners can’t ever win in the spiritual battle. 죄인들은 승리하지 못해요. It is because they are oppressed by the evil spirits. 귀신들에게 억압당하기 때문에. But, when we hear the words, saying, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” and repent of our sins, can we ever go to heaven? 그러나 회개하라 천국이 가까이 왔느니라! 이 소리를 듣고 회개만 하면 천국갑니까? Yes, we can go to heaven! 갑니다! If we repent of our sins, are our sins remitted? 회개하면 죄가 없어집니까? Yes, our sins will be remitted. 없어집니다! Whoever believes in Jesus and repents of his sins will be forgiven of his sins by Jesus. He will become the winner and will give glory to Jesus. 그리고 예수믿고 회개하고 죄사함받았을 때 이 자가 성공자가 되고 주님께 영광돌리는 겁니다.

We all have to become the winners. 이긴자가 되야 되요. The losers will become the slaves of the winners. 진자는 이긴자의 종이에요. Let us neither be deceived by the devil nor become a loser, but instead let us all become the winners of the spiritual warfare against the evil spirits. 귀신에게 속아서 진자가 되지말고 꼭 이긴자가 되시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

Ephesians 5:11, it says, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” 5:11 너희는 열매 없는 어두움의 일에 참예하지 말고 도리어 책망하라.

When somebody has sinned, the pastors must point out his sins and rebuke his sins. 여러분 죄를 지었으면 바로 책망해야 되요. What would Jesus do to the tree that does not bear fruits? 열매없는 것은 어떻게 해요? He will cut off the tree with an ax. 도끼로 찍어버린다. We know it very well. 알기는 잘 알아요. But, we never know that if we ourselves do not bear any fruits worthy of repentance, the ax will be also laid to the root of ours and will cut us off. 근데 그게 자기자신인걸 몰라요. We only look at the faults of another people and tell them that God will cut them off. But, we ourselves do not know that the ax is already laid to us and is about to cut us off. 참 사람은 신기해요. 맨날 남보고 찍는데. 도끼로 너 하나님이 찍는데! 여러분 이게 나한테 하는 소리에요.

Who are the people who do not bear any fruits of repentance? 열매없는자? Unless we bear any fruits of righteousness with our lips, our behaviors and our faith, we will only bear the fruits of wickedness. 입술의 열매, 행위의 열매, 믿음의 열매, 이것이 없으면 악만 나와요. So, we must know that we have many wickedness in us. 그래서 나한테 이런게 있구나 So, in order for us not to be chopped off by an ax, we must throw away all our fruits of evilness. 그래서 찍히지 않기 위해서 빨리 버려야 할텐데 But, while we tell another people that the ax is laid to their feet, we ourselves will be cut off by the ax. 맨날 너 도끼로 찍어버린데! 그러다가 자신이 찍혀버리는겁니다. These words must have been spoken to us and not to another people. 이 말씀은 나한테 하는 것이지 다른 사람에게 하는게 아니에요.

The very people whom the ax is laid to the root of their trees are the people who have not changed themselves though their pastors had fertilized them with the words of God and had reprimanded them for three years. 여러분 목사가 3년동안 열심히 거름주고 책망해줬는데도 변하지 않는 자 이런 자를 말하는 겁니다.

Once we go to heaven and stand in front of Jesus, we can completely know everything about heaven. 그리고 천국가야만이 온전하신 예수앞에 서면 천국의 온전한 것을 다 알 수 있습니다. When we look at one another face to face, we can know everything about one another. 얼굴을 대면해서 보면 모든걸 알아요. What does this mean? 그게 뭔데요? Through the words of God, we can look at Jesus face to face. 말씀을 통해서 주님을 바라본다는거에요.

Heaven must be a very clean place. 천국은 아주 깨끗한 나라에요. So, when the Holy Spirit comes upon us, heaven must have come upon us. 그래서 성령이 임했으면 하늘나라가 내게 임했는데. However, first of all, we must train ourselves to be clean and holy. 여기서 우선 깨끗하게 되는 훈련을 받아야 될거 아니에요? But, if we are still jealous of others, envy others, hate others, complain to others, bite off others and steal another people’s money, how can we ever go to heaven? 그런데 이속에서 남을 미워하고 시기하고 질투하고 원망불평하고 물어뜯고 집어먹고 그런데 이렇게 해가지고 무슨 천국이에요? Our heart will be full of hell and the spiritual worms will squirm in swarm in our stomach. 지옥이 바글바글하지요. All the evil thoughts seething from our heart must be coming from hell. 여러분 마음속에서 올라오는게 지옥에서 올라오는 것입니다. A good conscience from our heart will seek after God. 내 마음의 선한 양심이 하나님을 찾아가야 하는 겁니다. With the good conscience, let us spread Christ Jesus to all over the world. 선한 양심으로 그리스도를 전파하시길 주의 이름으로 축원합니다.

In Revelation 18:4, it says, “And I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, me people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.’” 18:4 또 내가 들으니 하늘로서 다른 음성이 나서 가로되 내 백성아, 거기서 나와 그의 죄에 참예하지 말고 그의 받을 재앙들을 받지 말라.

This sentence refers to the idol worshippers. 우상숭배하는 자들을 말하는겁니다. Those believers who hold memorial worship services for the deceased and who perform a funeral worship service for the dead and who offer flowers to the pictures of the dead and who eat the food sacrificed to the idols will be all cursed. 교회다니면서 추도장례예배드리고, 우상앞에 꽃바치고, 제사음식 먹는 자는 다 저주받아요. This sentence is telling us to come out of these type of idol worshipping of the dead. 이런데서 나오라는 겁니다. If you need to go to a funeral service, you can just go there to give comfort to the bereaved families and you can give a donation to help them out and you can tell them like this, saying, “Believe in Jesus and I will pray for you.” After that, you must come out of there quickly. Don’t ever participate in the funeral service along with the people who have no faith. 여러분들은 가서 손잡아주고 부조하고 어려움당했으니까 그리고 예수믿으세요. 기도하겠습니다! 그리고 얼른 나오세요. 같이 참예치 말아요. 그런데 거기서 믿음 없는 자랑 똑같이 합니다.

다 폐지시켜요. The only One whom we must regard the most is Jesus alone. 우리한테 보이는 분은 예수밖에 없는걸 축원합니다.

Jesus is the only One whom we must worship. 예수에요 예수. Because of Jesus, believers are persecuted, martyred, nailed upside down and thrown into the boiling pot. 이것 때문에 핍박받고 죽임당하고 거꾸로 못박히고 기름가마에 삶아죽이고 그러는겁니다. Believers undergo all sorts of hardships because they refuse to do idol worshipping. 우상숭배 때문에. When we cut ourselves off from the idol worshipping, our spouses or our parents in law or our children will rise in revolt. 집에서 우상숭배 끊어보세요. 아내가 남편이 시부모 자식이 난리납니다. But, those who persecute us being manipulated by the evil spirits will realize their own fault once they die and end up being thrown into hell. 귀신에게 쓰임받는자 죽어서야 깨달아요. All of us must cut ourselves off from the idol worshipping and never participate in the sin of idol worshipping and come out of this world. 여러분들은 우상을 끊어버리고 그 죄에 참예치 말고 그 백성들에게 빠져나오세요.

In Revelation 22:19, it says, “and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” 22:19 만일 누구든지 이 책의 예언의 말씀에서 제하여 버리면 하나님이 이 책에 기록된 생명 나무와 및 거룩한 성에 참예함을 제하여 버리시리라.

We must never do the things that the words of God ever forbid us to do. 말씀에 하지 말라는 것 하지 말아야 됩니다. We must do the things that the words of God tell us to do. 하라는건 해야 됩니다. However, if we ever did the evil things that the words of God had told us not to do, we must repent of our sins and we must graft ourselves into God again. 그리고 하지 말라는 것 했으면 다시 회개를 통해 하나님께 접붙임당하는 겁니다. Those who never repent of their sins must have been rusted that they will not be able to attach themselves to Jesus. 회개치 않는 자는 이미 녹이 났어요. 주님한테 안붙어요. A bonding agent is not usually stuck on a dusty place. 본드가 먼지가 많이 있는데는 안붙습니다. First, we must remove the dust and the mold. 곰팡이 먼지를 제거해야 되요. When we repent of our sins, the dirts of our moldy sins will be removed and we will be grafted into Jesus, again. 회개할 때 그 곰팡이 죄의 때가 제거되면서 다시 예수한테 접붙임당하는 겁니다. Only then, we can be united with Jesus. 그래야 주님과 연합한 자가 되는 겁니다.

Let us not participate in sins but instead let us go to heaven. 죄에 참예치 말고 꼭 천국갑시다. 갑시다~~~! Where should we go again? 어디를? Heaven. You have got the right answer. 정답인걸 축원합니다. May all of us meet in heaven. 우리 모두 천국에서 만나시길 축원합니다.

We must surely go to heaven. 꼭 천국가야 되요. Unless we go to heaven, we must not believe in Jesus. 안그러면 예수믿지 말아요. Why are we believing in Jesus? 뭐하러 예수 믿습니까? We are believing in Jesus to go to heaven. 천국가기 위해 예수믿는거에요. We must surely go to heaven. 꼭 가야 되요. May all of us meet in heaven. 꼭 천국에서 만나시길 축원합니다.

Glory to Jesus only. 오직 주님께 영광!


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