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  작성자 : 관리자 작성일 : 2012-07-11


Heaven and Hell Jesus Showed Me (Park Sung-hyun the deaconess of Dukjung-sarang Church)



1. My Father and Maternal Grandmother Suffering in Hell


While I was praying at night, Jesus showed me my mother’s mother who is suffering in hell. It was too dreadful. Grandmother passed away due to diabetic complications in my grade school and was nicknamed "the Stubborn Deaconess" in her life time because of obstinate temper. Although she attended dawn services every day for forty years, her stubbornness rarely changed. Whenever she was drunk, she madly abused us with insults "You slut! You brood of vipers!". As watching grandmother on fierce fire, I could not bear to look at and had to turn away my head. I was very impatient at her wretched state because she was very enthusiastic about dawn services and her pious life. Jesus said, "See it clearly! That is the fate of those who got angry without control, did not forgive anybody and thoroughly repent before death even if they claimed to believe in Me."


Jesus also took me to my deceased father, who shacked up with some woman and divorced my mother during his lifetime, He liked to drink so much that he died of alcoholism and liver cancer when I was in my first year in high school. In the middle of fire, father and the very woman were hugging in the nuddy as biting off each other. she, as paying for her sins, was shouting in anger, "Ugh! It's all because of you!! Why do I have to suffer!!!" How miserable it was! Soon, demons dragged my father along the ground and rammed him into a liquor jug. This domain of hell is where adulterous people are tormented.


This is horrible hell! Both cases above are only small fractions of it. However, most people are unconscious of its atrocious torments and end up in hell by indulging in sexual immorality and committing adultery. I am so sorry for them because they do not know the returns of sin.


2, Heavenly Roads and Mansions


Jesus gave me the grand tour of Heaven while praying. It was brightly glittering as if someone scattered diamonds and so beautiful and mysterious that I was ravished with the wonderful view. Heavenly angels treated citizens of Heaven with exceptional respect. We receive help from them in the earthly world: however, we are master of them in Heaven. They fetch and carry for us when we say. We only need to praise God and live with Him forever! The river of the water of life came out from God's throne and the trees of life stood on the river's right and left. My heart was filled with the beautiful scent of Jesus. The Heavenly roads were overlaid with pure gold, which was very transparent like shiny glass and different from opaque yellowish gold. This is a typical roads of Heaven, where gold is a dime a dozen like stones in the world.


Jesus took me to my Heavenly place. "Wow!! How grand and beautiful!!" I was so surprised! It was really bright. I thought to myself 'Oh, I just one time have shared my testimony of visiting Heaven and hell with others, but such a lovely house is given to me as a gift. So then, How great reward would be given to people who evangelize to someone and help the person go to Heaven at last?' I was so motivated by this idea and dumbfounded by its magnificence. "Is it a dream or reality?" In front of my house, I found the phrase that reads: 'The House of Saint Park Sunghyun, My Beautiful Bride' Yes, we all are Jesus' beautiful brides and angels also call us 'Lovely Prince!, Lovely Princess'. The walls were made of various kinds of jewels. Singing birds greeted me "How are you, Princess Sung-hyun? Nice to meet you." How interesting! You know what? In Heaven, birds, winds and trees can speak!


I saw Ahn Kyoung-hee, the deaconess of our church, who died a couple of years ago. Her hair style was short and perm, but her appearance entirely changed into a beautiful young lady with long hair. She was dressed brilliant linen and walking in the garden with Jesus. I so much envied the look.


Above these, Jesus showed me the building of the head of Women Missions Society. The house was shaped like a three-tier wedding cake and every corner of it was beset with tons of splendid jewellery. She earned that as a reward in the world. My eyes were so dazzled that I could not open them. At first, I wondered whose house that was, but I soon found the picture of her in

virginal bloom in front of the house. So I came to know the house owner. Jesus said, "This house looks so pretty because this daughter fully received rewards for all of her prayer, praise, worship and gifts to the poor, but it had to be torn down and rebuilt innumerably whenever she lost her temper and quarreled with somebody." He added believers must be humble and have self control over their mind in order that treasures could be consistently stored up in Heaven. I also thought Christians have to stop showing a temper and finding quarrel in a straw. (If we royally walk by faith and obey God in the world, our Heavenly houses go up without a break, but when we disobey God's words and get angry, the houses are pull down. Jesus always feels sorry for the falling of Heavenly houses of any believer.)


I also dropped in at the tulip-like house where the preacher of our church will dwell. Her large and beautiful picture hung in the entrance. Jesus happily said "Oh, My ugly princess' house!" I wondered why Jesus said so, but soon my curiosity was satisfied because her baby face appeared for a short time on screen next to the house. It was very ugly baby. This image was to help my understanding. Jesus smiled, saying, "Oh, My ugly princess!" Jesus laughed a lot! I was inspired by Him to think that this daughter will become a great missionary in the future for God's own ends.


And Jesus called me "Freckle Princess" the whole time I was in Heaven, so I asked "Lord, why do you call me like that?" He lets me see through the screen my childhood face with freckles all over. "Look! See what I mean?" He said howling with laughter. I found Him quite a jovial gentleman.

I really wanted to live in Heaven as soon as possible! I am sure that once entering the shiny pearl gate of Heaven, you will never want to come out from it again. So much beautiful and mysterious kingdom, this is the very Heaven! Sometimes I am misunderstood as a mystic for often saying that Heaven and hell really exist. Will it possible to steadfastly maintain belief in God without craving for Heaven? Surely, the purpose of believing in God is to enter Heaven, not to be more prosperous than others in the world. In Heaven, there is no annoyance, resentment, complaint, war, tax and hatred of any kind because Satan does not exist at all. We need only to live there as children of God and praise Him forever. Don't you wish you could go to Heaven and walk with Jesus holding hands?


3. The Souls Suffering in Hell


Jesus showed me hell again. We came to a place where I noticed that supersized iron maces were aggressively flying around, crashing into and shattering peoples' head. The air was impregnated with filthy smell of blood. Certainly, hell is not a place for anybody to go to. The crowds awaiting their turn as watching the calamity of people in front of them were more petrified with terror than the afflicted! Horrible shrieks came out of peoples' mouth. "Ahh!! HELL IS REAL! HELL IS REAL!!! UNBELIEF IS A TERRIBLE SIN!!" The roaring sounds of clubs hitting peoples' heads and screams were repeated over and over because in a few minutes their bodies regained their original condition and the whole cycle started again.


I also watched myriads of coffins with a large cross incised on them fall into hell. Jesus lets me realize that not every churchgoer will enter Heaven, but only faithful Christians who repent daily and believe in Jesus with all their heart. Jesus wept bitter tears and I cried too. "They all should have gone to Heaven. They lived a life of belief without knowing Me!" I could understand Jesus' sorrow and was determined to follow Him at any cost.


I visited another area of hell. Demons hanged people upside down and repeatedly poured boiling oil all over to frizzle them up like fried chickens. At this time, an enormous python appeared from nowhere and munched them. Jesus said, "They were unbelievers who rejected Me when people preached the gospel to them." Whenever boiling oil was poured onto them, they cried out in pain. After a while, their bodies were completely recovered from deformation and they gritted their teeth as shouting "HELL IS REAL! HELL IS REAL! I JUST HEARD ABOUT HELL, BUT IT IS SO REAL!!!"

Some people would say "Hell exists because people can stand this much pain." Do you really think these pains are tolerable? If you have only to sincerely believe in Jesus, you never run into hell. Welcoming Jesus with a true heart and repenting daily are only one sure way of avoiding hell. Otherwise, nothing remains but to go to hell. Please, come to your senses and believe in Jesus as soon as possible! You must go to Heaven.


4. Anyone Who Commits Suicide Goes to Hell!


I could observe how cruelly suicides were suffered under demons. Satan very severely tortured them because they deliberately killed themselves. Someone thinks the only way to stop all anguish is death, but it is wrong! Unimaginable torments begin with suicide! Demons tore suicides to pieces by pulling limbs or put them in a grinder. As flesh, blood and bones were pulverized, the outcries of pain rent the air. In a moment, however, people returned to the former condition, the whole procedure of tortures was repeated without number. People shouted for help, "HOW COME SUCH THIS PLACE IS HERE!! HOW COME THIS HAPPENS TO ME? I WAS A CHURCHGOER!!", but nobody came.


All churchgoers do not go to Heaven. Faithful belief in God and daily repentance make it possible to go to Heaven. Anyone who commits suicide is bound to be thrown into hell without question and brutally tortured by demons. Everybody must be aware that nothing but only Jesus saves us from our sins.


Some people may be doubtful about this, saying "All of suicides do not always go to hell." No!! Any suicide absolutely goes to hell. No matter how hard someone believes in Jesus or attends dawn services everyday and great pastor as he is, whoever commits suicide goes to hell! There is no exception. This much is true! Be sure to spread this news to all the people, especially mental patients who want to commit suicide because of depression or life's worries. I was also a melancholiac and wanted to take my own life, but now deeply contrite about the sin. If the irrevocable step was taken, what became of me? Could I stand severe tortures of hell? The mere thought makes me shudder.


5. Countless Hell-Holes


"Hold fast to My hand." Jesus said to me and then we popped down a hole under the ground. The path where we arrived was very narrow like a furrow and vertiginous cliffs were located on both sides of it. The boundless expanses of super-heated lava were at the foot of the precipices and the lava was so violently boiling away that I felt terrible at the sight of that. I feel really bad about that no matter how constantly I insist on shocking actualities of hell, many people, including even my family, do not listen to my witness. Indeed, where are they going to after death? How much will they bitterly regret rejecting Jesus in hell?


Hell is actually at a point near the core of Earth and its appearance of 大 automatically increases in size. The physical world has innumerable coal-black holes leading to hell. When someone dies, a demon instantly snatches the soul with hook and throws it into a hole. It does not take any longer than a second for one soul to be sucked down into a pit. In some cases, hundreds of souls fall into one hole at once. Surely, any churchgoer falls down into hell who worshiped and prayed in vain, was not inwardly renewed day by day and did not truly believe in Jesus.


If you still suspect the existence of hell, look at a volcanic eruption. Nowadays, volcanoes explode in various places of the world but even scientists could not discover what the exact factors are. Hell is the very cause. Hell's fire erupts out in the form of lava. Hell certainly exists in the middle of the earth!


Not long ago, I took a telephone message that my husband's maternal grandfather was very sick, so it looked as if he would not live much longer. After that, while I was praying to God for him, Jesus showed me numerous hell-holes on the ground. When the time draws near for someone to die, ghosts pop out in places like moles and wage war against one another to take the soul to hell. They also disguise as dead ancestors to attract and lead a soul to hell by friendly saying "Come on! Come on!" Without even knowing this, if a soul follows a ghost, the soul goes straight to hell. All ghosts are the Satanic host, not the souls of the dead.


I noticed, in a vision, hell-holes around grandfather's bed. Satan's subordinates were frequently popping in and out of the holes waiting for his death. I felt terrible as watching his pitiful situation because he was a regular churchgoer at most and had no belief in keeping with Heaven. Jesus said "He just trod the courtyard of his church without any belief and did not keep Me in the heart of him."


I really hope pastors teach believers the realities of Heaven and hell, the method of repentance and belief royal to Bible. Believers who only attend church can not enter Heaven unless they truly believe in Jesus and repent day by day. Inner being of each person must be born of God.


6. Anguished Demons


God so powerfully worked in me again today. As I started praying loudly, demons swore like a trooper at me. "Damned! How disgusting!! These days churchmen are that gullible but damn this guys do not fall for our plan!! I am going nuts! They catched our real identity. Just give it a lick and a promise. Are you going to set us on fire? Stop praying!!! Shut up! If only one of you is thrown to hell, I will rip up the guy into pieces like a dried squid! I will put you in a mixer and drink it all!!" My pastor shouted out, "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!! Go away!! You, disturber!! Go away!!!" Soon, the demons were trying desperately hard not to fall into hell, but finally went down into a seething cauldron. Demons who are expelled from the world are intensively tortured and sent back into the world with much stronger power than before and demons who fail to take a soul to hell must face tremendous penalty as well. So, demons struggle not to keep themselves apart from people and mightier demons enter people when people commit the same crime again. For this reason, pastors emphasize that believers must be always filled with the Holy Spirit. Only by that we can defeat demonic strategies.


Many people in Korea regard ghosts as the souls of their forefathers, but they are just corrupt evil spirits that deceive and take people down to hell. Please, realize the fact even now. Believe in Jesus, and you can avoid hell. If not, you will pay dearly for your unbelief.


We must really rejoice in the mere fact that we have redemption through Jesus' blood, the forgiveness of sins! This world is temporal, but coming world, Heaven or hell, is everlasting. Which one would you like to choose? Do you want to go to hell as a result of unbelief? It is not so. We all have to enter Heaven by devoted faith and live in God’s Land forever.


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