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196 Do not be deceived by the saying that there were no demons in the Old Testament.구약에는 귀신들이 없었다는 말에 속지 말라. Barnabas 2019-01-22 904
195 (Lucifer) I will use the seminar more to deceive pastors (루시퍼) 세미나를 더 쓸 것이다! Barnabas 2019-01-20 843
194 To those who criticize the truth that Jesus is the only God예수님께서 한 분 하나님이시다. 라고 했다고... Barnabas 2019-01-16 835
193  Confessions of Jang Young-Sun in Heaven (Pastor who repented just before his death and went to heaven)천국에서 장영순목사님(죽음앞에서 Barnabas 2019-01-15 1017
192 (Lucifer) Serve and worship idols more enthusiastically.(루시퍼) 더욱더 우상을 숭배하라 Barnabas 2019-01-14 793
191 Confessions of Deacon Kim gong-im in Heaven천국의 김공임집사 Barnabas 2019-01-11 870
190 (Lucifer) Why did this country begin to pray and repent?(루시퍼) 이 나라가 어찌 기도하고 회개하기 시작하는고! Barnabas 2019-01-09 747
189 The voice of the pastor 's wife, Jang Sun - hee, from heaven.천국에서 장선희 사모님의 외침 Barnabas 2019-01-04 874
188 (Lucifer) I have no choice but to stop you from repenting.(루시퍼) 회개할 수 있게 내버려 둘 것 같애? Barnabas 2019-01-02 805
187 The most important thing for those who are in front of death is to repent.죽음앞에서 회개가 중요해요!! Barnabas 2018-12-27 812
186 (Lucifer) Great persecution will come to you (루시퍼) 엄청난 핍박이 몰려올 것이다 Barnabas 2018-12-25 702
185 My beloved servant, repent. 나의 사랑하는 종아, 회개하라 Barnabas 2018-12-20 854
184 crying out of Ahab and Jezebel in hell 아합과 이세벨의 외침 Barnabas 2018-12-18 720
183 How long will they believe and follow human doctrine? 인간들의 교리를 언제까지 믿고 따를 것인가? Barnabas 2018-12-15 932
182 The Message of Ezekiel From Heaven 천국에서 에스겔의 외침 Barnabas 2018-12-14 907
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