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206 (Lucifer) Why have you bound the spirits of mine?(루시퍼) 왜 나의 영들을 결박하느냐? Barnabas 2019-04-09 905
205 (Lucifer) To those who exalt Jesus, suffering, persecution, and tribulation will be poured out.(루시퍼)"예수 높여봐! .. Barnabas 2019-03-28 832
204 2/2Why are you so reluctant to call jesus as God Hinself and the only God?어찌하여 예수님을 한 분하나님이라고 부르기를 그렇게 꺼려하는가? Barnabas 2019-03-22 1161
203 1/2 Why are you so reluctant to call Jesus as God Himself and the only God?어찌하여 예수님을 한 분 하나님이라고 부르기를 그렇게 꺼려 하는가? Barnabas 2019-03-08 1136
202 Do you believe in God as three? If so, your faith is a clear fake.너희는 진정 하나님을 세분으로 믿는 자들이더냐  너희들은 가짜들일 뿐이다. Barnabas 2019-02-28 1033
201 (Lucifer) I am so distressed in this gospel of repentance.(루시퍼)이 회개복음이 짜증나고 짜증난다! Barnabas 2019-02-20 960
200 Throw away all the doctrines made by humans like feces, but hold onto Jesus Christ only.모든 인간들의 거짓교리를 배설물처럼... Barnabas 2019-02-14 984
199 (Lucifer) Lucifer's name and power will turn all religions into one!(루시퍼)모든 종교를 나 루시퍼의 이름으로 통합할 것이다! Barnabas 2019-02-09 1043
198 Because the first man Adam disobeyed and sinned, death came to all mankind.최초의 사람 아담이 불순종으로, 죄를 지었기 때문에, 인류 전체에 죽음이 온 것이 Barnabas 2019-01-31 963
197 (Lucifer) I am the King of Hell.(루시퍼) 내가 지옥의 왕이로다 Barnabas 2019-01-28 844
196 Do not be deceived by the saying that there were no demons in the Old Testament.구약에는 귀신들이 없었다는 말에 속지 말라. Barnabas 2019-01-22 956
195 (Lucifer) I will use the seminar more to deceive pastors (루시퍼) 세미나를 더 쓸 것이다! Barnabas 2019-01-20 901
194 To those who criticize the truth that Jesus is the only God예수님께서 한 분 하나님이시다. 라고 했다고... Barnabas 2019-01-16 892
193  Confessions of Jang Young-Sun in Heaven (Pastor who repented just before his death and went to heaven)천국에서 장영순목사님(죽음앞에서 Barnabas 2019-01-15 1072
192 (Lucifer) Serve and worship idols more enthusiastically.(루시퍼) 더욱더 우상을 숭배하라 Barnabas 2019-01-14 852
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